What Are The Top 15 Air Conditioners?

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Searching for the top air conditioners may seem like a simple task, but it has its challenges. The major stumbling block is the existence of several air conditioners brands with unique features that’ll confuse you.

There’s also a need to consider why you need the air conditioner. Do you want to cool a room in your house, or do you want your entire home cool? These are questions that’ll determine the best air conditioner for your Vaughan space.

The need for an air conditioner becomes apparent when you have to deal with hot temperatures. Since home is where your comfort is, you need to make it as comfortable as possible.

However, you can’t buy the first air-con you see because your home is hot. Like we mentioned earlier, there are many brands of top air conditioners — each with unique features.

The features of these air conditioners can be an advantage or a disadvantage. It all depends on the characteristics of your space. An air conditioner may work optimally for another house but struggle in your home.

Not to worry, we’re here to help. Here, we’ll provide a thorough analysis of fifteen top air conditioners with their advantages and disadvantages. Below is all the information you need to cool your home effectively.

Top Air Conditioners by Brand

To make your choice of air-con easier for you, we’ll split our analysis into two groups. Firstly, we’ll discuss the top 8 air conditioner brands. Then, we’ll explore 7 of the best air conditioner units.

Below are the top air conditioners brands:

Heil Air Conditioners

If you want to buy an air conditioner that’ll give you peace of mind, you should try a Heil air conditioner.

Heil offers central air conditioning units with impressive energy efficiency ratings. As if that’s not enough, their air-cons also come with a warranty that lasts ten years.

For some of their models, the 10-year warranty covers components of the A.C unit. For others, the warranty will cater to replacing an entire unit.

So, when you buy an air conditioner from Heil, you don’t have to worry too much about your warranty. That’s not all.

Most Heil air conditioner units come with a system that helps to control the noise. This system ensures you’re keeping your house cool without disturbing the peace with machinery noise.

The silent operation feature is why Heil air conditioners stand tall as one of the best air conditioners to buy. They usually cost between $900 to $1500.


  • These air conditioners have great energy efficiency.
  • Heil air-cons keeps you cool without making any noise.
  • Some of their units come with a SEER score of 19.
  • You have a wide range of air conditioner options with different features and prices.


  • There are many types, so you may make mistakes if you don’t know the exact type that suits your home.

Goodman Air Conditioners

In the hunt for top air conditioners, one factor you should consider is the cost. If you’re looking to save cost without cutting down on quality, Goodman air conditioners are a good fit.

You can buy Goodman air conditioners at prices less than $1000. This affordable pricing is on the lower end of the spectrum. The best part is the affordable price of Goodman air conditioners doesn’t affect the quality of the product.

The good technicians at Goodman have fashioned out a way to balance both ends of the equation. They have been in the air conditioning industry for a while now and know their craft.

On any Goodman air conditioner, you’ll get a warranty between 10-12 years. Asides from the warranty, these air conditioners also come with efficient energy ratings and are relatively quiet.

Goodman air conditioners come with a maintenance feature that allows you to diagnose your air-con in the event of any fault. So, if you’re in the market for the most cost-effective air conditioner, you can try the Goodman brand.


  • Cost-effective
  • You have different brand options.
  • It comes with an extended warranty.


  • It may not come with extraordinary features.

Rheem Air Conditioners

Rheem air conditioners have been a player in the industry for many years. However, longevity isn’t why their products are one of the top air conditioner units to buy.

Rheem’s standing within the industry is because of the features of the product. A regular Rheem air conditioner unit will work efficiently with minimal operational costs.

Furthermore, you don’t have to break the bank to own a Rheem air conditioner. A Rheem air conditioner can cost as low as $990. However, as the prices of Rheem air conditioners increase, so does the seasonal energy efficiency ratio. Some Rheem air conditioners have a seasonal energy ratio of 20.

Rheem air conditioners don’t just come at affordable prices; they also have unique features. One of these features includes modulating burners that help you control the temperature accurately.


  • Relatively low prices
  • Low running costs
  • High efficiency.


  • These air conditioners can get noisy.

Carrier Air Conditioners

Carrier Air Conditioners

If you have an eye for popular products in any industry, the Carrier air conditioner is a brand you should consider. Not only is the Carrier brand popular, but it regularly churns out top air conditioners in the market.

There are more than 15 models of Carrier air conditioners in the market. So, you have the luxury of choice when making a buying decision.

Thanks to the wide range of available models, consumers can choose based on their budgets and expected features.

Each air conditioner model comes with specific SEER scores. Some Carrier air conditioner models have a whooping SEER score of 21! This is one of the primary reasons Carrier air conditioners became popular.

Carrier air conditioners have excellent durability and a reliable warranty. For most homeowners, air conditioners from this brand tick all of the key boxes.

The only area of concern is price. A Carrier air conditioner is a premium product, and as such, it comes at a high price. If you want to install a Carrier air conditioner in your home, your budget should be above $2500.


  • Great features and quality
  • Reputable brand
  • Amazing warranty


  • High cost

Lennox Air Conditioners

Amongst the top air conditioner brands, one that stands out in terms of energy efficiency is the Lennox brand. Lennox has about eleven different air conditioner models in the market. Of these eleven, almost nine of these models have an Energy Star certification with energy star.

When you compare the SEER ratio of Lennox air conditioners to others, Lennox models will always come top.

Some Lennox Air Conditioners have a SEER ratio of 26. So, when you buy a Lennox air-con, you can expect huge savings on energy bills. Lennox air conditioners cost between  $3000 to $6500.


  • Energy efficiency
  • Saves money
  • High SEER ratio


  • High initial costs

Ruud Air Conditioners

Some air conditioners have specific features, while some have excellent all-around properties. An example of a brand that churns out air conditioners with great overall features is Ruud.

On average, the SEER ratio of Ruud air conditioners ranges between 16 and 17. If you compare this ratio to some of the brands we discuss above, this seems low. However, this rating is pretty good for any home that needs an air conditioner.

One reason Ruud air conditioners rank amongst the top air conditioners is the warranty. Two different warranties come with a Ruud air conditioner.

The first warranty is a ten-year warranty for the parts of the product. After that, there’s still a conditional warranty of 10 years for the product itself. To cap it off, Ruud air conditioners cost under $2500 with installation.


  • Low cost
  • Great warranty
  • Good SEER ratio


  • This SEER ratio may not be enough for greater purposes.

Amana Air Conditioners

Sometimes, a parent company can own different brands for the same product. That is the case with Amana and Goodman. Both brands belong to the same parent company. More importantly, both brands churn out top air conditioner models for use in Canada.

Despite being from the same manufacturer, an Amana air conditioner can easily compete against a Goodman AC unit. Their air conditioner models also come with excellent features, which include a great SEER ratio.

The lowest SEER ratio you’ll get with an Amana air conditioner is 13, while the highest is more than 23. That means a regular Amana air conditioner will offer balanced energy efficiency.

The premium products from the Amana brand have a technology that enhances user control. If you want to install a premium air conditioner from Amana, you should have a budget of $5500.


  • Great SEER ratio
  • Reputable brand
  • High-tech product


  • This product can be a bit noisy.

Trane Central Air Conditioners

Trane is an air conditioner brand that’s enjoying growing popularity in Canada. Contrary to what you may think, the reason for this popularity isn’t a low pricing model.

You can easily trace their popularity to the excellent customer care of the brand. Also, Trane air conditioners come with an outstanding warranty plan.

Just like Goodman, Trane offers a ten-year warranty on components of its products. For some premium air conditioners from this brand, there are even longer warranties. For example, the compressor of the Trane model XL18i has a guarantee of twelve years.

The Trane brand has premium air conditioners with excellent features. Of note is an inbuilt system that helps in diagnosing and locating problems. Trane air conditioners cost between $2500 to $3500 with installation.


  • Great customer care
  • A diagnostics system
  • Excellent warranty


  • Average SEER ratio

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Top Air Conditioners by Model

As the leading provider of aircon installation services in Vaughan, we’ve come across different AC units in the line of duty. While some are less efficient than usual, others do the job of cooling spaces quite well.

Here, we’ll highlight 7 of the top air conditioners for your home or office space:

LG Smart 12,000 BTU

If you’re going for aesthetics, this LG smart air conditioner is one of the top air conditioners to consider. Not only is the air conditioner sleek, but it also has excellent features.

With its 12,000 BTU property, this air-con will cool up a room as big as 500 ft2. It also has a certification from Energy Star to indicate energy efficiency.

The LG Smart model air conditioner comes with three different fan speeds. When the fans blow, it deflects the air in four different ways for maximum cooling effect. It also works excellently well if you run a smart home. The LG Smart air-con connects well with an Apple-powered smart home.


  • Smart air conditioner
  • Certified by Energy Star
  • Cools spaces quickly.


  • Fan speeds may not be strong enough.

Friedrich CCF08A10A Smart Window Air Conditioner

The Friedrich air conditioner has excellent all-around features. It offers excellent energy efficiency properties and top cooling ability. The air conditioner will cool a medium-sized room in minutes.

The Friedrich CCF08A10A comes with a smart control that gives you an optimal user experience. The 10-year warranty that comes with the air conditioner is a comprehensive one. With the above, it’s clear this Friedrich air-con is one of the best air conditioners to buy in 2021.


  • Energy efficiency
  • Smart control
  • Long warranty


  • It may not work correctly for large rooms.

Midea MAW08V1QWT Inverter Window Air Conditioner

The Midea air conditioner has unique features that stand out amongst top air conditioner units. Chief of these features is the quiet nature of this air conditioner.

You’ll have this conditioner working in a room and even forget you turned on a device. So, if you want a quiet air conditioner, the Midea MAW08V1QWT Inverter Window Air Conditioner is a great product.

Most homeowners complain about their air-conditioner units obstructing their windows. With the Midea inverter air conditioner, window obstruction isn’t an issue. The air conditioner has a U shape. That way, you can hang your air conditioner without it obstructing your window.


  • Extremely quiet
  • It doesn’t disturb the windows
  • Good energy efficiency.


  • It may not cover large spaces.

SereneLife 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Installing an air conditioner is a professional’s job. Even if you do manage to do the job yourself, you risk making costly mistakes.

However, some types of air conditioners come with features that make them easy to install. One such model is the SereneLife conditioner.

The SereneLife 12,000 BTU air conditioner comes with a comprehensive setup guide that makes it easy to handle its installation. Furthermore, it’s portable and has fewer installation needs compared to a central air conditioner.


  • Simple installation
  • Adaptability
  • Small size


  • It may not cover a large space.

Midea 5,000 BTU Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

As the name implies, the Midea unit has a BTU rating of 5000. What this means is this air conditioner will work perfectly in a smaller room. In a larger space, you may not enjoy the effects.

It comes with impressive temperature and speed settings. It also blows in two different directions to help regulate temperature.

When you buy this conditioner, you’ll get a remote control for easy control. It’s also easy to install and works perfectly without machinery noise.


  • Easy to install
  • Quiet air conditioner
  • Affordable


  • Ideal for small spaces.

LG LW1517IVSM Dual Inverter Smart Window Air Conditioner

Inverter Window Air Conditioner

If you’re on the hunt for an air conditioner that can serve large spaces, this air conditioner is the perfect unit.

Not only is this product for big spaces, but it also has a turbo feature that cools spaces quickly. Finally, the LG LW1517IVSM Dual Inverter Smart Window air conditioner operates quietly and efficiently.


  • Efficient energy
  • Quiet operations
  • Durability


  • It may get cold too quickly.

Whirlpool 10,000 BTU Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner

Most of the time, wall air conditioner units come with a high BTU rating, just like this product. The BTU of the Whirlpool Through-the-Wall air conditioner is 10,000, which means more cooling energy. This air-conditioner will work perfectly for a medium to large-sized room.


  • It’s a wall unit
  • High cooling energy


  • May be a tad expensive

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Final Take

The top air conditioners all have features that make each one stand out from the other. From our analysis above, each model has excellent features that’ll work for different spaces. However, the best air conditioner model to buy depends on the cost, room size and installation method.

Installation is a crucial part of buying a new air conditioner. You can try out the installation by yourself if you have experience with installing air-con units. However, it’s always better to contact experts to help with your air conditioner installation.

At ALP Heating, you’ll be working with a team of experts focused on hassle-free air conditioner installation. From the choice of air conditioner down to the final quality checks, we’ll make the process of buying a new air conditioner easier on you. Check out our installation services today!

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