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We’re here to make your life simple and easy by bringing you the perfect climate for you and your needs! Life shouldn’t have to be challenging, which is why our HVAC Services are here to save you time and money with the best air conditioning, heating and refrigeration solutions available.

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Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair Service

A typical problem that many homes encounter is furnace repair. A broken furnace shouldn’t ruin your day. Hire a professional to provide the furnace repair assistance you require. ALP Heating caters to your whole furnace-related requirement. Whether you need assistance with furnace installation, furnace repair, or furnace maintenance, we can assist. They can pinpoint the issue and suggest the best remedy. Everything from normal maintenance to emergency repairs may be helped with by our professionals. We’ll ensure your furnace operates well and offer the finest advice for a long-lasting solution. Do not allow furnace problems to cause you to lose sleep. You won’t need to worry about our dependable furnace repair.

Furnace Repair Services
Fireplace Repair

Fireplace Repair Service

Fire has been essential to human existence from the beginning of time. It has been utilized to warm us, cook our meals, and act as a gathering place for friends and family who like getting together. Your fireplace is a crucial house component, so we’re here to assist. Our educated professionals will provide you with the greatest service available, so you can rely on them. We may repair all types of fireplaces. Call ALP Heating and enquire about our gas fireplace installations if you’ve wished for the warmth of a fire without the soot and the need to drag firewood around. We’ll ensure the safe and effective operation of your fireplace. Don’t jeopardize your family’s and home’s security.

Fireplace Repair Services

Water Heater Repair Service

Since hot water is a need for life, we rarely give it any thought. However, it’s crucial to take the appropriate action to resolve the issue if your home’s water heater needs repair. Doing this can guarantee that your household has a consistent hot water supply and that your system functions effectively and securely. ALP Heating is taking care of your demands for water heating, so you don’t have to. We will visit your house to identify and resolve the issue if you are without hot water. Our HVAC experts have experience with all systems, whether you’re using a tank hot water heater or a tankless system.

Water Heater Repair Services

Air Conditioning Installation Service

ALP Heating provides the best air conditioning installation services available. We are a team of certified HVAC experts with years of experience installing all air conditioning systems. Our mission is to deliver the finest service possible to our customers, ensuring that their air conditioning system is installed accurately and effectively. We provide a comprehensive variety of air conditioning installation services. Our vast knowledge and skills ensure that your air conditioning system will be operational in no time.

Air Conditioning Installation Services
A Dirty And Blocked Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit Surrounded By Debris And Leaves, Causing Reduced Efficiency, Increased Wear And Tear, And Higher Repair Costs.

Air Conditioner Repair Service

Get Fast, Professional Air Conditioning Repair Services at Affordable Prices! Our qualified technicians can help you whether you need an entirely new air conditioning unit installed or an old one serviced. We provide timely and dependable service at reasonable pricing, ensuring that your home or business stays calm and comfortable. We have expertise in a variety of air conditioning systems.

Air Conditioner Repair Services
Humidifier Installation Service

Humidifier Installation Service

A humidifier’s primary function is to provide moisture to dry air. Your house becomes more pleasant due to the air becoming more breathable. Technical know-how is needed, but installing a humidifier in your home may be simple and manageable. ALP Heating can assist you with putting up your new humidifier properly, choosing the appropriate size for your needs, and getting it up and running swiftly. In addition, we’ll offer advice and tactics to make your humidifier function well for as long as feasible. You may benefit from having a humidifier in your house that is set up and running correctly by making the necessary preparations.

Humidifiers Installation Services

Gas Lines Installation Service

Installation of gas lines is a crucial component of home building and remodelling. It entails the appropriate installation of the pipes and tubing that will be utilized to deliver propane and natural gas from a primary source to specific appliances in a house or other structure. Tools, resources, and specialist expertise are needed for this procedure. Most homes have several gas-powered devices. A connection that links these units to the primary gas supply must be constructed to provide them with gas. From a gas meter, a leading gas line enters the house. A smaller supply line will branch off the main conduit for each gas appliance. Finally, a line runs from the supply of the nearby gas company to your property on the opposite side of the gas meter.

Gas Lines Installation Services

Gas Stoves Installations Service

Replacing an electric stove is simple: remove and replace the old unit. Gas stove installation is more complicated and should only be performed by a skilled, certified specialist. ALP Heating handles the complete procedure from beginning to end. Our specialists are highly qualified and wholly licensed; all of their work follows municipal, provincial, and federal safety regulations. We constantly check it for functionality and safety before we leave employment.

Gas Stoves Installations Services
Hvac Ductwork Installation

Ductwork Installation Service

Installing ductwork is an effortless procedure. The materials must be compatible with the system, and all components must be appropriately scaled. Additionally, all local building laws and regulations must be followed during installation. To guarantee that the air is circulated effectively, it is crucial to ensure that the ductwork is correctly sealed. This method ensures that everyone there is comfortable by dispersing warm or chilly air throughout the whole house. If you need help establishing a new duct system, replacing an existing system entirely or in part, or determining why your ducts aren’t working as they should, turn to ALP Heating.

Ductwork Installation Services

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Customer satisfaction is our first goal at ALP Heating. We enjoy what we do and work hard to provide you with the finest service possible. So, if you need a cooling and heating expert, go no further than us.

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We are a one-stop shop that can take care of all your HVAC needs, from a simple AC or furnace repair to a complete HVAC overhaul.

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We can suggest the options that are best for your family, house, and neighbourhood. When installing, repairing, or replacing a component, we’ll ensure it works safely and effectively with the rest of your HVAC system.

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We are a locally owned business with extensive knowledge of regional difficulties like temperature extremes, humidity, and ice storms.

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Our number one focus is safety. We only employ the greatest and most qualified technicians because of this. We would never send someone to your house who isn’t fully licensed and has top-notch training.

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Our entire team is kind, educated, and very competent. You will only have good encounters with our team from the minute you make your initial contact with us until our expert departs from your house after doing the service.

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We devote particular attention to detail on every task, no matter what it is. You won’t have to worry about any of the job’s details. We complete our job swiftly, completely, and with little to no interference in your home or family life.

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How can ALP Heating help you with HVAC?

To help you maintain a secure and relaxing environment in your home and place of business, ALP Heating offers dependable and affordable HVAC services. We specialize in installing, repairing, and maintaining various HVAC systems and equipment, including furnaces, air conditioners, and more. Our talented group of professionals can assist you in choosing the optimal system for your unique requirements and financial situation. We provide fast and reliable service and are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

What aspects should you think about before installing an AC system?

Before you take the plunge and install an AC system, you should assess your cooling needs, consider your budget, the available features of the different AC systems, and the longevity of the system you plan to purchase. To determine how long the operation will take, enquire about the guarantee and read reviews. Choosing the ideal AC system for you involves considering all of these elements. It saves you time and money to complete your research upfront.

What should I look for before requesting air conditioning repair?

Look for strange sounds from your AC unit, such as rattling, squealing, or grinding. Pay attention to any odd scents or odors as well. For example, a musty smell could indicate mold growth, while a burning smell could indicate an electrical issue. You should also check the airflow coming from your vents. It may indicate a blower motor issue if you don’t feel as much air as normal coming from the vents. By watching for these signs, you can call for repair immediately and get your air conditioning back working.

Is annual AC maintenance required?

Many people need help determining how often they should have their AC serviced. During a typical service, your technician will inspect the system, check for potential problems, and perform routine maintenance. It ensures that the air conditioner functions at its best and that possible problems are identified and fixed before they turn into major concerns. It’s also crucial to remember that regular maintenance might help your air conditioner last longer. In addition, regular servicing keeps the system running smoothly and helps to prevent costly repairs or replacements.

What does the air conditioner service include?

The air conditioner service includes various activities to ensure the system runs properly and efficiently. A typical service consists of thoroughly inspecting the system, cleaning the components, and repairing or replacing faulty parts. The service technician will also check the air filters, refrigerant levels, and the system’s electrical connections to ensure they work correctly. Additionally, the Service may include adjusting the thermostat and calibrating the system’s controls to ensure it provides the desired temperature.

How often is the cooling system serviced?

Regular maintenance guarantees that your cooling system operates at peak efficiency and that any possible issues are identified early. It also helps to prevent more expensive repairs later on down the road. When servicing your air conditioner, the general rule is to get it done at least once a year. Your system will function more efficiently and survive longer as a result. Additionally, it’s a good idea to get your air conditioner serviced twice a year if it is subjected to harsh weather, such as high heat or cold.

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