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ALP Heating & Air Conditioning in Vaughan is your one-stop shop for all of your home heating, cooling and ventilation needs. We offer a wide range of services, from small repair to a complete replacement of your entire HVAC system.


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Furnaces Repair in Vaughan

In a place like Canada, there are few things worse than having your furnace break down in the middle of a cold snap. When you are buying or building a home, or when your old furnace is due for replacement, you will want to buy a furnace that is the right fit for your house. Our technicians will repair or install a furnace that has the right level of energy efficiency, that will operate quietly so you can sleep at night, and that will last for many years.

Air Conditioners Installation

Air conditioners in the summer are almost as important as furnaces are in the winter. This is especially true for people who are very young or very old, or who have medical conditions that could be exacerbated by extremely hot weather. Your ALP heating technician will help you choose the right size air conditioner that is powerful enough to cool your entire home, and at the same time save you money in hydro bills.

Water Heaters Installation

If you use an electrical water heater, the costs of heating water can be one of the biggest factors determining your electricity bills. A typical family of four can use up to 250 litres, or 56 gallons of hot water per day. With this in mind, it is important to select a water heater that is just right size to meet the needs of your family, and that operates as efficiently as possible. If you need a new gas water heater, we will make recommendations based on the unique qualities of your house and your family.

Humidifiers Installation

Humidifiers are an essential part of your home, particularly in the winter, when heating systems dry out the air. Dry air can make allergy symptoms flare up, it can trigger asthma attacks, and it can aggravate the symptoms of conditions such as the common cold, strep throat and sinusitis. People who live in homes with dryer air may also experience more bloody noses, cracked lips, and cracked or itchy skin. ALP Heating will install a humidifier that will ensure optimum humidity levels throughout your home, so that you and your family can be comfortable all year round.

Gas Lines Installation

Natural gas provides us with a cost-effective way to heat our homes and operate anything from appliances to fireplaces. It is critical to have your gas lines installed by qualified professionals. ALP Heating takes your safety very seriously, and our technicians will never cut corners when it comes to working on your gas lines. Everything is done to the highest industry standards, so when we leave at the end of the job, you can be completely assured that your gas lines installed according to code, and that you and your family are protected from harm.

Duct Work

The duct system in your home operates in a similar way to the circulatory system in your body: it provides the means by which air is delivered to, and removed from, the different areas. When you consider the fact that the ducts are used for heating, cooling and ventilation, it is easy to understand how poorly maintained ducts can severely impact the quality of air in your home. Whether you need a complete replacement of your duct system or troubleshooting to determine why your system is not working correctly, ALP Heating has the solution you have been looking for.

Fireplaces Installation

There is nothing better on a freezing cold winter’s day than curling up beside a warm fireplace with a good book. By the same token, few things are more frustrating than a fireplace that does not work properly. Whether you are installing a fireplace for the first time, or repairing or replacing an existing one, we will ensure that the job is done right, and that your fireplace works efficiently, without sending your heating bills through the roof.

Gas Stoves Installation

Although most homes use electric stoves, many people prefer to cook using gas stoves. Our technicians will take care of everything, including the installation and connection of the gas. Our number one concern is safety, and our number two concern is comfort and convenience. When we leave, you will have a beautiful gas range to enjoy, and you will be secure in the knowledge that a qualified professional has taken care of your installation.

Why is HVAC so important?

The Internet offers up a vast array of HVAC companies for you to choose from, but selecting an HVAC specialist should involve more than simply picking a name from a list. With Canada’s extreme weather conditions, who you have taking care of your HVAC is one of most important things for you to consider when it comes to the maintenance of your home. There are many reasons, including the following:

Coping With Seasonal Variances

Temperatures in Toronto range from plus thirty and above during the height of summer to minus thirty and below in the depths of winter. You need a heating and ventilation system that can handle both extremes and everything in between.

Keeping Everyone Comfortable

We are all different, with varying tolerances for warm or cool air. A smart HVAC system allows you to heat or cool rooms in your house in a way that ensures the comfort of your entire family.

The Air That You Breathe

Indoor air quality is up to three times worse than outdoor air quality, since the structure of most homes reduces air flow. This can result in air that feels stuffy and unbreathable. Having a good HVAC system that constantly exchanges the polluted indoor air for fresh outdoor air results in the air in your home being cleaner and fresher. In addition, excess moisture will be pulled out, minimizing the chances of mold or mildew forming in your home. You and your family will feel healthier and more energetic, and everyone will enjoy better sleep at night.

Saving Money

An HVAC system that has to work hard to heat or cool the air costs a lot to run. An energy-efficient heating and air conditioning system can reduce your heat and hydro bills by up to 20%.

Saving The Planet

As a socially responsible company, we care about the environment as much as you do. An energy-efficient HVAC system can vastly reduce your family’s carbon footprint, allowing you to contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Energy Efficiency

An HVAC system in residential buildings is responsible for more than 40 percent of energy consumption. With our expertise, we can optimize your house energy usage, making it eco-friendly and cost efficient at the same time.

Why Choose ALP Heating & Air Conditioning?

HVAC repair technician in Vaughan

With the vast number of HVAC companies offering their services, it can be difficult to choose the right one. It is important to remember that not all HVAC companies are created equal. While there are some solid companies out there, there are also many substandard providers who cut corners for the sake of cutting costs or saving time. And when that happens, your safety is potentially at risk.

For that reason alone, it is worth your while to spend a little bit of time to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company that has your best interests as a top priority.

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Here are just a few of the qualities that make ALP Heating & Air Conditioning stand head and shoulders above the crowd:

All In One

We are literally a one-stop shop that can take care of all of your HVAC needs, from a simple AC or furnace repair to a complete HVAC overhaul.

Quality Work

We can recommend the solutions that are right for your home and your family. We will ensure that the component we are installing, repairing or replacing integrates safely and efficiently with the rest of your HVAC system.

Proudly Canadian

We are a locally owned company with an in-depth understanding of local challenges, such as temperature extremes, humidity and ice storms.

Safety Guaranteed

Safety is at the top of our priority list. For this reason, we hire only the best and most experienced technicians. We will never send someone to your home who does not have top quality training and full licensing.

Expert Professionals

All of our staff are friendly, knowledgeable and extremely professional. From the moment of your first call to us until the time our technician leaves your home at the end of the job, you will have nothing but positive interactions with our staff.

Attention To Details

No matter what the job is, we pay close attention to detail. You will not have to worry about a single aspect of the job. We work quickly, and efficiently but thoroughly, with little to no disruption to your home and family life.

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