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A good furnace and efficient ductwork are at the heart of many Canadian homes. This is the means whereby warm or cool air is distributed throughout all parts of a residence, ensuring the comfort of everyone who lives there. ALP Heating is your go-to solution for installing a new duct system, fully or partially replacing a system, or figuring out why your ducts are not functioning the way they should.

Why Is My Duct System Important?

While our furnaces and air conditioners are responsible for creating cool air for the summer or warm air for the winter, these units are useless if there is no way to get airflow to the places it needs to go. The air ducts are conduits within your walls that are designed to carry air from one part of your home to another. If your ducts are not working efficiently, your home is not being heated or cooled adequately, and you are potentially spending a lot more on your heating and electricity bills than you should.

Ductwork Installation Services in Vaughan

There are several reasons why homeowners might have new ductwork installed. For example:

  • If your home has warm or cold patches, or if it seems to take a long time for your system to respond to the thermostat being turned up or down, your duct system may have tears, kinks or blockages.
  • If you have an older home with asbestos insulation, you will need to have your ductwork removed and a new system installed.
  • If your ductwork has a lot of leaks, this could simply indicate that the job was done poorly to begin with. In some cases, the most cost-effective course of action is to simply rip out what is there and install a brand new duct system.

No matter what your reasons are for installing new ductwork, ALP Heating has the right solution for your home. We recognize that all homes are unique – the ducts that we install will reflect the layout of your home, the capacity of your HVAC equipment such as your furnace and air conditioner, and the needs of your family.

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Furnace Relocation Technicians

In most homes, once the furnace and ductwork have been installed, they stay in the same locations for as long as the house is standing. In some cases, though, a homeowner might choose to relocate the furnace. For example, the homeowner might want to save space, or plans might be in the works to build the basement for a specific purpose.

Relocating a furnace is a lot more complex than simply picking it up and moving it. It involves a redesign and installation of the ductwork, as well as rerouting of the electrical and gas lines that go into the furnace. The location of the water heater is also a factor to be taken into consideration.

The HVAC technicians at ALP Heating will take care of every step of this complicated process. When the job is complete, your entire HVAC system will be functioning as well as it did before the furnace relocation, if not better.

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