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If you are looking to install new ductwork or replace the old ductwork in your home, there are many things you have to consider. One of your foremost considerations is the cost of ductwork installation. Many times, this cost is what determines if you should go ahead with the project or not. Hence, you must do your research on the price and prepare yourself adequately before proceeding.

You may be wondering what is the cost of ductwork installation and how you can estimate it. This article will help you do just that. Here, you will discover the average cost of installing new ductwork or replacing old ductwork. We will also explore the factors that combine to determine the pricing for ductwork installation. Without further ado, let’s begin.

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What to Expect When Installing or Replacing Ductwork

It is a known fact that your home’s ductwork is among the main sources of lost energy efficiency. A good ductwork system loses about 2-5% of the energy transmitted through it.

Older systems or systems with mechanical issues can lose up to 50% or more of transferred energy. Such high energy losses can translate to increased energy bills.

If you decide to install new ductwork in your home, the HVAC contractor must create a duct map. This map includes ductwork lines that function to transport air through your house efficiently. The contractor also makes vent locations, be it floor or ceiling vents. With such vents, furniture or other objects in the home won’t block your ducts.

On the other hand, if you want to replace ductwork, the process may involve the removal of a pre-existing system. This brings in an additional cost that you don’t incur if you are installing a new system.

Factors Determining the Cost of Ductwork Installation

Many factors determine the pricing for ductwork installation. From the size of your home to the type of HVAC you are installing, these factors can influence how much you will eventually pay for ductwork installation.

Size of your home

If you own a large home, you may need more vents and more ducts than a person with a smaller house. It doesn’t matter if your rooms are many or if your home’s plan is an open floor design.

If your home does not have existing ductwork, the contractor may have to run the ducts between floors or through closets. These may be done in ways that are unconventional, increasing the cost.


Ductwork installation requires a wide variety of materials. Each of these materials has its costs per foot. The addition of new material may increase your cost.

Your HVAC system type

Your HVAC system also influences the cost of ductwork installation. The system’s manufacturer may have recommendations, which may increase the materials you have to buy, raising the installation cost as well.

Labour Cost

Expert ductwork installation requires labour, which is a key factor in cost considerations. If the contractor needs to go through a floor, wall, or ceiling during the installation process, it also plays a role in the cost.

Project type

The kind of project you are doing also impacts the pricing for ductwork installation. If you are installing new ductwork in an unfinished home, the cost you will incur is different for a finished or existing home. The cost of replacing ductwork will be different and depends on where the ducts are located and how accessible they are.

Geographical Location

Ductwork installation costs vary from one geographical area to another. The cost of installing ductwork in Vaughan may differ from the price in Toronto or Alberta.

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Duct Work Air Condition

Ductwork Installation Process and Average Cost

Most times, ductwork installation occurs in your home’s basement. In bigger houses, two or more systems might be required. In this case one of the systems can be installed in the basement.   

The average cost you should expect for a linear foot of ductwork installation is $35-$55. This cost includes labour and material costs. A typical single-family house will require ductwork of about 300 linear feet. The exact length needed is dependent on each home’s specific layout.

Labour Costs for Ductwork Installation

Labour costs also influence the average pricing to install ductwork. The installation process is complicated. It is also labour-intensive and must be done by professionals. Hence, you must always seek professional ductwork installation services for your ductwork installations. If you give such jobs to quacks or unlicensed contractors, you may lose money in the long run.

Calculations to be done by the experts

The hallmark of a good ductwork installation is not only in the installation alone. The processes and thinking that go with it also matter. Professional contractors need to understand the most suitable positions for the vents and ducts before installing. They also need to decipher the number of returns necessary for air circulation to the HVAC system.

The ductwork installation process begins with calculating how many vents, ducts, and returns your home needs. A computer-generated plan aids this calculation. A replacement installation process requires the removal of old ducts. After removing them, the professional will evaluate the area, making sure new ducts are installable. If there are necessary adjustments needed, some rough work is carried out to make the modifications.

The expertise required to make all of the assessments described above can increase the cost of ductwork installation. However, when you pay for quality service, it’s likely you’ll get maximum value for your money.

Labour costs for installation

During installation, professionals seal ducts as necessary. This sealing action helps in preventing air leaks. The ductwork installation process can take a lot of time. A whole-house installation can take about one week to complete, especially when it is a new installation. 

Labour costs for ductwork installation vary depending on the contractor you employ for the job.   For ductwork installation, you can expect to pay between $800 and $1200 a day

Duct Installation

Improvement and Enhancement Costs

You may incur costs on the following:

Central AC Unit

ACs use ducts to keep your home cool. If ducts already exist in your home or you plan to install them, you can also get a central air conditioning unit. It costs an average of $5000.

Heat pump

Heat pumps serve as a cost-effective and efficient way of heating your home. If you want to buy a heat pump, it will cost you about $7,500.

Permits and Regulations

Before installing ductwork in your home, you should check its installation requirements in your local building codes. Also, check that your installation does not go against your homeowner’s insurance policy to avoid voiding your contract.

Repair or Replace

It is possible to repair parts of your ductwork system that are faulty instead of replacing them. Ductwork replacement costs are usually higher than repairs. However, if your ductwork is beyond repair, you should replace it by all means.

Structural Changes

During ductwork installation, structural modifications may need to be made to your home. These changes may include plumbing, electrical, framing, and others. This increases the cost of ductwork installation. In such instances, you should speak to your contractor to have an idea of the cost.

Testing for Hazardous Materials

If you have old ducts or the contractor needs to cut into areas or walls built before 1980, there may be a need to have these areas tested for dangerous or hazardous materials like asbestos. 


After installation, you must carry out regular maintenance of your ductwork. You should clean your air duct every three to five years to ensure the HVAC unit is clean, energy-efficient, and safe.

Should I Do Ductwork Installation Myself?

You may consider installing your ductwork yourself. However, this is ill-advised, except you have expert training on this service. It is best to leave ductwork installation for professionals trained for the job. When ductworks are installed poorly, they reduce the HVAC system’s efficiency and can cause extensive damage.

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In this blog, we have described the factors influencing this cost and other considerations you need to make before installing your ductwork. You can use these as a guide to drawing up a budget for your ductwork project.

However, the most accurate price quote will come from a ductwork repair professional. This is where we come in. ALP Heating is home to highly trained professionals who can provide a transparent cost estimate for your ductwork project. Get in touch with us today!

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