What is the Cost of Installing a Furnace in Ontario?


A considerable amount of homeowners don’t know the basic cost of installing a furnace. This is information that you will need pretty soon. You see, winter is here again. That means furnace season is here again. It’s time for homeowners in Vaughan with furnaces that are not functioning properly or to get a new one. 

How much will installing a furnace in Ontario cost? What is the pricing for installing a furnace? Is the cost of a new furnace worth it? These are possible questions that may bother you, especially if your furnace is faulty or needs replacement. 

Typically, there are certain factors that will combine to help you determine the cost of installing a new furnace in Ontario. This includes considering the speed, lifestyle, brand and habits of residents in the home. 

Other questions may include; the current furnace installation level or how old the ductwork is? One of the most prevalent questions is the furnace type, i.e. electric, solar, gas, etc. Even the home blueprint can determine what type of furnace is better for your home.

Generally, there is no easy way of knowing how much to pay for a furnace installation project. The amount you’ll spend on the new installation equipment and installation services depends on various aspects. Over the years, we have been a support system for homeowners looking to replace their furnace or install a new one. We have helped customers understand the pricing for installing a furnace in Ontario.

Are you considering a replacement for your furnace? This article covers everything you need to know about the cost of installing a furnace in Ontario. The article also offers you a wide variety of benefits you stand to gain by installing a new furnace.

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What is the Cost of Installing a Furnace?

Installing A Furnace

The average kitchen cost of installing a furnace in Vaughan may range from $3500 to $4500. However, the costs of installation for a new furnace vary widely and can go as high as $7000 to $8000. Below is a complete breakdown of the cost evaluation for installing a furnace in Ontario.

The Furnace Pricing by Brand

Naturally, prices will vary from one company to another, one area to another, and more. Also, the model you’re buying from a brand will affect the overall cost of furnace installation.

In Ontario, the minimum efficiency rating that every new furnace can possess is 92% AFUE — Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The same as that of the whole of Canada as mandated by the federal government. Mid-level efficiency furnaces — mostly between 80 to 90% AFUE are usually American market adverts. This is because less efficient furnace models are acceptable in the American market.

For residents in Vaughan and the rest of Canada, you have to buy at least a moderately effective 92% AFUE furnace. However, if you can easily pay a bit more, mostly a few hundred dollars, buying a 95 to 96% model is better. For the ENERGY STAR model, you may easily qualify for different rebates depending on where you live.

For ultra-high-efficiency furnace models that are between the range of 97 – 98 percent AFUE rating, you may have to pay around $500 to $1000 more on the average price. Notably, these prices somewhat vary depending on your home size, the BTU output, and the required furnace size.

Below are the average pricing numbers for a new furnace in Ontario by manufacturers;

  • Goodman: usually between $3000 to $6000+
  • York: usually between $3000 to $5500+
  • KeepRite: usually between 3000 to $5500+
  • Armstrong: usually between 3000 to $5500+
  • Comfortmaker: usually between $3000 to $5500+
  • Coleman: usually between $3250 to $5500+
  • Bryant: usually between $3500 to $6000+
  • Amana: usually between $3500 to $6500+
  • Rheem: usually between $3500 to $6750+
  • Lennox: usually between $3500 to $7500+
  • Carrier: usually between $3500 to $7500+

The Furnace Pricing by BTU Output and Size

The cost of installing a furnace also varies as a factor of the model size and its BTU output. This output rating is a function of the square footage of your house. It also consists of the layout, i.e. floors, bungalow, etc. Other considerable factors that will determine the right BTU rating for your furnace includes your home location, the climate, home setup, and how effective the insulation is.

Generally, the average price of furnace installation for 40,000 BTU to 60,000 BTU is around $3,500 to $4,000. While the average price of furnace installation for 80,000 BTU to 100,000 BTU is around $3,800 to $4,600. 

The Labour and Installation Cost

The actual labour cost for furnace installation is often between $1000 to $1200+ range. This is just a general estimate. Of course, this is just a general estimate, it may be less or quite a bit more.

Installation costs will cover hours of labour from the main technician. However, it will also cover the helper rates and several other built-in costs that the contractor must cover, like licensing, insurance, vehicle, etc.

We generally recommend carefully researching the company you deal with. Dependable, established companies may charge a bit more. Still, they can also be counted on to do a better job, use the right quality parts & secondary components, and be there in the event your system ever needs servicing.

As one of the best furnace installation contractors in Ontario, our aim is to ensure that your furnace installation remains affordable. Here at ALP Heating, we are forthright about our pricing and will follow all due processes to ensure your furnace installation is completed swiftly. Additionally, our experts are readily available to handle your furnace maintenance services at an affordable price.

Installing A Furnace

Other considerations

Also, the presence of health issues in the family may mean you need air filtration systems in your home. This will often help determine which furnace is appropriate for you and your family. Even different family member interests can factor into the right type of furnace is right for your home.

Are you a wine connoisseur, or do you collect lovely art? The level of humidity in your region can affect the integrity of these awesome products. However, you can avoid such by considering an excellent investment in getting a whole-home humidifier. This will complement the air conditioning system and heating problems in your home.

Another thing to consider is your home. How many windows does your home have? Which direction are the windows facing, how close are the windows to each other, and many more? Is the furnace trapping effective? All of these are questions whose answers will determine the average cost you may have to pay for furnace installation in Vaughan.

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Factors That Affect the Cost of Installing a Furnace

Size isn’t the only significant factor that determines how much it will cost to install a new furnace. One of the top major factors is the cost of installation and labour. If you’re a skilled contractor or DIY pro, you may be able to do everything yourself. However, not everybody can’t count on this cost-saving measure. 

Although there are several tips on how to save on furnace installation costs, choosing a professional for installation is better. If you can afford the total cost of installation using a professional contractor, it’s best to hire experts to do it for you. This will save unnecessary costs that may arise due to bad or poor installation.

Generally, several factors can affect the total cost of installing a furnace in Ontario. These factors include;

The Furnace Size

Furnace Size

In calculating the cost of installing a furnace, the size of the furnace matters a lot. In most cases, bigger furnaces often cost more, while smaller furnaces cost less. However, you will need to buy the right size furnace to make sure your home is always heated in a cost-efficient way.

Generally, contractors often apply the Manual J method to choose the right size of equipment for your home. This method includes different procedures. The most applicable ones include calculating the furnace capacity to produce heat against its electrical input, considering the size of your home. It also consists of the window efficiency calculation and other factors. 

Bigger isn’t always better. With a system well-sized, you can easily save costs in the long run. However, if you purchase the wrong furnace size, your system may be working excessively, thus influencing your bills, the unit’s life, and its overall efficiency.

Furthermore, furnace features may include variable-speed blowers. This speed blower enables the furnace to run at a low speed in mild weather and a high speed in cold weather. The blowers help conserve energy by ensuring the furnace works more efficiently. It also reduces the wear and tears on the furnace by allowing the furnace to adjust to the temperature.

The Furnace Efficiency

The furnace efficiency is often measured by the AFUE — Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. Generally, the AFUE is a measurement of the amount of energy the furnace is converting into heating up your home. For instance, when you purchase a furnace with 92% AFUE, 92 cents goes into heating up your home for every dollar you spend. At the same time, the remaining 8 cents is wasted.

In general, a furnace with a higher rate of efficiency will usually have a higher initial price tag. However, this may end up saving you some cash in the long run. This is often because most furnaces with higher-efficiency use more advanced features that often result in low energy consumption. This way, you end up saving more money by keeping energy costs low.

The Installation Cost

Typically, this may not affect the initial pricing for installing a new furnace. However, homeowners may want to consider costs relating to the furnace installation, as well. You need to hire a reputable, professional contractor who can install the furnace efficiently and correctly.

Naturally, it’s never ideal to skimp on quality installation when it comes to home appliances. Homeowners who usually skimp on such, preferring to use an installer who fails to follow standard practice, will pay the price. Mostly, the penalties often appear when the bill increases significantly.

If being green is crucial to you, you may end up spending more money to get an energy-efficient model. Either way, having an excellent furnace is a good investment. Generally, an excellent, well-maintained furnace will heat your home for at least fifteen years. 

The pricing for furnace installation in Vaughan may seem like a lot. But, it is a project that is well worth it. In the next section, we will detail the benefits you stand to enjoy when you install a new furnace in your home. 

Benefits of Installing a new Furnace

Installing a new furnace for your home offers several benefits. You’ll benefit from improved energy efficiency, a longer lifespan, better indoor comfort, and fewer repairs. Generally, quality installation is critical for your new HVAC unit. This will ensure you get all the advantages that come with installing a new furnace unit.

In detail, here are some of the awesome benefits you tend to gain from installing a new furnace in your home:

It Saves Energy

Saves Energy

You can reduce your cooling and heating costs by up to 60 percent when you replace the furnace with a new one. Mostly you will enjoy this benefit with a new, high-efficiency furnace system. You will also enjoy warm temperatures in winter and cool temperatures during summer without any extra energy costs.

It Boosts Efficiency

This is one of the most significant benefits of installing a new furnace — a boost in its efficiency. Generally, you tend to spend less on heating during winter when your furnace produces more efficient energy. In most cases, this can help recoup the costs of buying a brand-new system.

It Upgrades your Comfort

Typically, most HVAC systems now come with features that help maintain comfort in your entire home. Examples of such include zoning systems, variable-speed operation, etc. Do you feel there is a cold spot in your home? Well, it’s not a ghost, just uneven heating from a poor HVAC system. You can resolve this by buying a new furnace with a variable-speed booster, zoning system, etc.


The general cost of installing a furnace in Ontario ranges from $2800 to $8000 with several considerations. In some cases, furnace installation will cost you an average of $2600. However, it’s essential to consider other factors that may influence the pricing for installing a furnace. Installing a new furnace offers a significant return on investment.

Affordable furnace installation works well when you have a preference and knowledge of what to expect. Also, hiring a general furnace installation contractor in Ontario will help you save unnecessary costs during the installation process. 

At ALP Heating, we can help you draft out your installation expenses based on your home structure and preferences. If you’re looking for cost-effective furnace installation in Ontario, we are your one-stop. If you want to learn more about furnace installation, contact us today!

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