Cost of Gas Fireplace Installation in Toronto


Toronto winters can be brutal. The outdoors get super cold, and most people find solace indoors. Honestly, there’s no better place to get warmth than in the comfort of your home or office.

Before now, most Toronto homes used wood fireplaces. But they’re slow to warm up and can be hugely stressful to maintain. The more efficient option is a gas fireplace.

Nothing is more comfortable than getting the entire home warm with the click of a button. Installing a gas fireplace in your home offers more functionality and efficiency. And because it runs on gas, periodic operational costs are affordable.

Gas fireplace installation prices vary based on location, house type, and model. These factors can make it difficult to put an exact number on the cost of gas fireplace installation. However, understanding the cost implications of whatever you’re installing is necessary.

This guide will explain the cost of installing a gas fireplace in Toronto. We’ll also go on to highlight the factors affecting the installation prices. Keep reading if you plan on installing a gas fireplace soon.

What is the Cost to Install a Gas Fireplace in Toronto?

The cost of gas fireplace installation sits between $3,000 and $10,000. The price range is considerable because many factors can influence installation expenses.

The gas fireplace itself costs between $2000 – $3,500. However, the service charge and hours put in by the installation team can drive your overall expenses up to $10,000. Your location, home structure, technician’s expertise and possible customization will determine the service charge.

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Factors Affecting the Price of Gas Fireplace Installation in Toronto

The cost of gas fireplace installation isn’t some random number pulled from thin air. It’s a combination of the following factors:

Customization Choice

Most of the time, installation only requires the technician to work in a fireplace that already exists. Gas fireplaces are machines made in the industry to sit perfectly in a fireplace space or on any of your walls.

But you’ll agree that we all have our choices. You may want to install your gas fireplace in a specific position and shape for better aesthetics. That way, the fireplace looks like a preplanned structural part of your home.

It’s possible to customize your gas fireplace. But doing so will add to the overall installation gas. If you’re buying a pre-made gas fireplace, you’ll spend between $2000 and $4000 on its purchase and installation. If you need a new gas line, the cost will be higher with an additional $2000, at most.

For a customized gas fireplace, you have more liberty of design and location choices. You have the freedom to hire a mason to construct the fireplace with blockwork and bricks. You can also employ the services of a carpenter to create space for the gas fireplace. With a custom gas fireplace, you’re totally in charge of the process from production to installation.

Typically, the cost of a custom installation job starts from $4000. If you need a new gas line for the installation, you may spend up to $6,000. Also, your choice of materials for the customized gas fireplace will influence the installation cost.

Type of Gas Fireplace

There are different groups and types of gas fireplaces. Some of the classifications of the fireplaces are a function of the mounting positions. Others depend on the installation location.

Each one of the different types of gas fireplaces has its respective features, pros, and cons. Thus, they also have individual cost implications and functions. Here’s what we mean;

Gas log fireplace

A gas log gas fireplace is installed in an already existing fireplace space. The primary manufacturing material here is ceramic, and it costs less than $1500 to install this type of fireplace. You can choose between vented and ventless options for gas log fireplaces.

The vented model works exactly like a wooden fireplace — providing warmth with the aid of a chimney. The ventless option doesn’t use a chimney.

Tabletop gas fireplace

A tabletop gas fireplace doesn’t exactly need a table to work, but it’s a portable option. The cost to install one in your home ranges between $600 and $3000.

The tabletop gas fireplace is famous for providing outdoor warmth and aesthetics. Its best feature lies in its ability to get hot without smoke.

A tabletop gas fireplace doesn’t compulsorily need a gas line. Instead, you can use a branch line. Although its name is tabletop, you can use a tabletop gas fireplace on a pillar and other surfaces.

Corner gas fireplace

Space management is usually essential when installing your gas fireplace anywhere. The best installation contractors in Toronto will advise you on the best gas fireplace to use while taking space into account. If space is a constraint, a corner gas fireplace is usually the recommended option.

While trying to buy the corner gas fireplace, you have two options; already built or customized. For the already-built option, you may have to pay between $2000 and $4000 for full installation. If you want a personalized option, your expenses may reach $3000.

Island gas fireplace

An island fireplace is a gas fireplace that can warm up two different spaces at once. It has four sides through which you can see the flame. With expert installation, an island gas fireplace can serve two rooms with two sides each.

An island gas fireplace also comes in different sizes and can be customized if you want. These features, however, influence the prices. For a premade island fireplace, you’ll spend between $3000 and $6000. Installing a custom model can cost up to $12000.

Wall-mounted gas fireplace

Wall Mounted Gas Fireplace

If you don’t want your fireplace to spoil the design of your home, maybe your best option is the wall-mounted gas fireplace. Apart from providing you with the necessary warmth, this type of fireplace adds beauty to your home. Also, you get to save space and money needed for materials on finishing.

Gas fireplace installation for a wall-mounted model will range between $3000 and $4500. The installation process isn’t too complex, except you add some extra touches based on your preference.

Peninsula gas fireplace

A peninsula gas fireplace is another creative way to have one fireplace serving two different rooms. The fireplace has two different sides and can easily sit on the wall between two rooms. Therefore, you’ll be saving lots of space and saving money on the costs of buying two fireplaces.

You have the option of buying an already-built peninsula gas fireplace or a customized option. The already built option ranges between $5000 to $7000, while the prefabricated option may cost you up to $13000.

Freestanding gas fireplace

Are you considering a fireplace where you don’t have to worry about space? A free-standing gas fireplace is what you’re looking for. With this type of gas fireplace, you don’t need to bother about where it’ll stay or your home’s design.

Surprisingly, installing a freestanding gas fireplace is cheaper than you would expect. You’ll spend a total of $2500 if you add finishing touches and customized installation. Installation expenses may also increase if you don’t already have a  functional gas line.

Built-in gas fireplace

Warming your home will affect your energy bills, no matter how hard you try. However, you’ll want to reduce its effect to the barest minimum. With a built-in gas fireplace, your energy bills are minimal, thanks to their high BTU ratings.

To install a built-in gas fireplace, you may spend between $2500 and $5500. For customization, get ready to spend close to $10000. A built-in gas fireplace works quickly without any hitch.


You can either choose to install a vented fireplace or a ventless one. A vent gas fireplace works with a vent that brings in air from outside your home, heats it, and spreads it around the house.

Conversely, a ventless fireplace recycles air within the home. It takes the air from within the room, heats it, then circulates it around the same room. You don’t need any tubes or chimneys to heat the room.

The cost of vented gas fireplace installation ranges between $1500 and $5000. The installation process may require a gas line, which will increase the price. More so, you need an expert to strategically place and install the vents since they need to take air in from outside.

A ventless gas fireplace is a cheaper option and offers a less complex installation route. The installation is easier and usually costs less than $3500, including gas lines and labour.

Frames and Finishing

Depending on the kind of gas fireplace you choose, you may be defacing your home. Say you purchase a tabletop gas fireplace. You can’t just leave this kind of fireplace with the gas line pipes visible at the center of the room. You’ll have to find a way to make the setup look better.

This finishing process is a crucial step for any gas fireplace. The type of frame you want has to be aesthetically pleasing and shouldn’t hinder the fireplace’s heating process.

You may prefer to frame the area with woodwork, or you may hire a mason to try out some brick design. Your choice of frame and finish will have a direct effect on the cost of installing a gas fireplace. For wood, metals, and tiles, you may spend between $10 – $300 per square foot — depending on the wood type and features.

Gas Plumbing

Except you have an existing gas fireplace, you have to install new gas lines alongside a gas fireplace. The way you’ll run the gas line depends on the structure of the home, the position of the gas fireplace, and your preference.

One thing is for sure; you need a technician to install the gas line. Installing the gas lines on your own is a dangerous thing to do.

The cost of installing a gas line is between $12-$25 per linear foot. The factors that affect the prices are the type of gas line pipes, the length, brand, and the technician. In some cases, gas line installation can cost hundreds of dollars.



You may not exactly need electrical work when it comes to wiring your gas fireplace. However, running your gas fireplace without electrical components isn’t the wisest option.

Take a scenario where the sensors develop a fault. Consequently, the gas fireplace will continue heating the room until the space becomes too hot. But when you have an electrical component, you can easily switch it off.

Running electric wiring to your gas fireplace will mean more professionals and materials on board. You’ll need an experienced electrical technician to assist the gas fireplace expert. But if you’ve contacted a good fireplace technician, they should be able to do both. With more hands and more materials, the cost of gas fireplace installation will increase.

Home Setting

Some homes are big enough to have gas fireplaces in the walls, but the space outside the house isn’t wide enough for gas line installation. That way, the homeowner may have to change the plan for the gas fireplace installation.

In another scenario, some homes don’t have enough spaces, except for the corners. That already leaves you with no option but to go with the corner gas fireplace. Also, the size of the home may require the technicians to bring in more hands. And as you know, more hands means more cost!

The expertise of The Technician

Not only does the technician in charge of the installation process of your gas fireplace affect the cost, but they’re also your superheroes. Without a doubt, you depend on the technician you choose for the installation process. If they make a mistake, you may end up with expensive repairs.

That’s why you need to search carefully and hire only experts with plenty of experience. With the knowledge you have of glass fireplace installation costs, you can draw up a budget and choose the most cost-effective option.

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Final Words

Gas fireplace installation costs can reach $5,000 depending on what you want and the factors discussed above. However, when trying to install a gas fireplace, we’ll advise that you wait until you have enough money.

A mistake with gas fireplace installation is the last thing you want.  If you’re nitpicking expenses, you may end up picking the wrong gas fireplace type and the wrong technician to help with the installation.

Installing gas fireplaces may seem technical and complex for you because you don’t have the technological know-how. However, to us at ALP Heating, it’s a piece of cake. We have experts who have been installing gas fireplaces for decades in Toronto. Contact us today for speedy gas fireplace installation.