Cost of Water Heater Installation in Vaughan

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The cost of water heater installation varies from place to place. As a resident of Vaughan, you are probably wondering about how much it could be. Several factors influence the price of water heater installation. You probably have an idea of some of these. However, this article will dive further into other factors you may be unaware of.

In a country as cold as Canada, having a water heater is a must. When there is damage, or you are moving into a new home, you need to call an expert immediately. Except you are a professional water heater installer, you shouldn’t install a water heater yourself. It’s not impossible, but you shouldn’t risk the safety of the installation.

From the point of identifying the need for a water heater to buying the heater and installation, there is a lot of due diligence you need to do all the way. All these combine to make up the cost of water heater installation, which we will detail in this guide. Keep reading to find out how much you have to pay for a new water heater!

Why Do You Need Professional Water Heater Installation?

As you know, the water heater is an important part of your plumbing system. In the cold region we are, it’s critical to have one. However, there are alternatives to water heaters. You can boil water on your gas, or you can use an electric kettle. But when it comes to bathroom activities, these alternatives aren’t the best options.

This is a pointer to the benefits of having water heaters. Now, agreeing that you need a water heater is the first step. You need to go further by having a professional do the installation for you. Some of these reasons are:

Professional Advice and Insight

Water Heater Installation

Getting the right advice you didn’t even know you needed is one of the benefits of working with a professional. Owing to their wealth of experience, they are in a better position to guide you on the right hot water heater for your space in Vaughan.

For instance, if you are not sure of the best water heater to choose from, a professional can always help. Size, heat sources, and power outputs are other factors and elements you may know nothing about. Experienced installers know all these and what you stand to gain with whatever option.

Also, with a professional at work, you get insights into preventative maintenance. You’d get to know the things to take care of your water heater per time. This is important if you want to enjoy the smooth operation of your water heater for a long time.

Right installation

Don’t dwell on the DIY installation techniques online. There is still a degree of technical know-how needed to install a water heater in your Vaughan home. Technical know-how that results from experience. For instance, you may run into an unexpected turn of events that the tutorials online don’t cover.

When the installation is incorrectly done, leaks can occur. This then leads to energy wastage as the water heater will have to do more to keep up with your needs. This is a waste of money.

The worst-case is when you don’t even know there is a leak. This can result in mildew and mould growth in hidden spaces of the heater. Overall, improper installation can lead to untimely damage to your water heater.

Safety standard

Being an industry expert, a water heater installation technician will ensure that your installation is up to standard. Some of the factors to consider here include what power source the heater has and the presence or absence of a tank.

Also, professionals are better abreast of regulations on water heater installation in Vaughan. You won’t get this information in DIY tutorials. Hence, for your installation to be right by law, it’s best to have a professional do the job.

Save time

Water Heater Installation

When you are trying to leverage on a DIY tutorial, you are wasting valuable time. Of course, this is great when you have enough time to do it.

But it’s best to have a professional do the job. Owing to their experience, they know just what’s best to do per time. When an issue arises, they can quickly fix it and get your water heater up and running in no time.

Peace of Mind

When you get a professional to do the job, you’ll feel more confident about the result. Professionals know their onions; they know what to do per time. Also, they can tell you what to do in real-time if any issue occurs. You don’t have to worry if you did the right thing. No matter how reassuring those tutorials are, DIY installation will not be so comfortable, especially if it’s your first time.

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Factors to Consider when Installing a Water Heater

Granted, the cost of water heater installation has several influencing factors. Before this, there are a few other factors to consider as you look forward to that installation process. In this section, we take a look at the questions to ask yourself before committing to water heater installation. You need to provide answers to these questions.

What kind of water heater should you get?

Water heaters come in two basic forms. There are tankless water heaters and models with a storage tank. In each of these categories, there are also numerous products and models to choose from.

With a tankless heater, the running cost is lower. Hence, over time, with the use of this heater, you will save money. Thanks to the reduced energy bills, the machine technically pays for itself. These heaters are known to last longer than others. They also take up minimal space.

On the other hand, tank heaters are cheaper to install. Also, unlike the tankless water heater, a tank heater is designed in such a way as to keep up with the demand for hot water.

Is the machine energy efficient?

Energy Efficient

In today’s world, the big deal is efficiency. You need to know if the machine can help you save more on your energy bills.

What happens to the old water heater?

The cost of water heater installation should make you always remember the old water heater. It is very easy to forget to plan for the old one. When you get a professional for the installation, they’ll probably handle the disposal of the old water heater for you.

Some companies may offer to buy the old one from you. Similarly, others will charge you a fee to dispose of it. There is no one size fits all in this case. But, you definitely need to figure out what you want to do with the old heater.

What is the price of expert water heater installation?

The easiest water heaters to install are the tankless water heaters. If you have an old tank water heater currently installed, it can cause a bit of a hassle, as there is the need to rearrange the pipes to work with a new system. This and other factors will influence the cost of water heater installation.

Which professional will you work with?

There are numerous water heater installation experts in Vaughan. Deciding which one to work with can also be a challenge. You need to research and come up with a decision based on reviews, qualifications, past experience and pricing. It is advisable to do this first. This way, the professional can better advise you on the right things to do.

How big should the water heater be?

Your water usage determines how large a water heater you should buy. If you stay alone, a tankless water heater is a great option. You’ll always have your water hot, per time. This is different with a large family.

The more hot water you’ll use, the larger the tank you need. Families consume a large volume of water, which a tankless heater cannot keep up with. Hence, you need a tank heater whose size varies directly with your family size and, consequently, your water usage.

How long will installation take?

In this frigid weather, it’s not so great to be without hot water. Hence, you need a professional that can get the job done as soon as possible. If you want to do the installation yourself, it may take you days to complete the jobs. Also, installing larger systems will take longer.

It’s best to farm out the job to a professional. They do this repeatedly. Therefore, this means they know the nooks and crannies of everything they need to do per time.

Also, the time needed to replace an old system will undoubtedly be longer than merely installing a new system. You’ll have to remove the old system first, then ensure that the pipe system is compatible with the new heater coming in.

Further, in this context, it takes longer to remove an old tank heater than it takes to remove an old tankless heater. You should know what you are getting into before you start out with the project.

Cost of Water Heater Installation in Vaughan

In Vaughan, the standard average cost of water heater installation is about $850 for the equipment. Then, you should budget about $315 for the labour costs. This standard pricing can go as high as $8300, depending on the heater’s quality, size, and other factors, which we will explain in a bit.

If you are wondering, “how much should I pay for water heater installation?”, this is the section to read.

The type of water heater you buying

The different types of water heaters come at differing prices. Each type also comes in different qualities resulting from differences in manufacturers. It will help if you adequately researched available water heater models before making a purchase. You can do this online or with the help of a professional. As explained earlier, tank water heater systems are always costlier. However, they offer peculiar benefits that the tankless systems cannot offer.

Also, the ‘power source’ is another significant difference here. There are water heaters powered by electricity, some by gas and others by solar. Whichever source of energy you have available influences what your budget should look like. Amongst the three energy sources, solar costs the most.

Location of the water heater

Another influencing factor is the location of the water heater. Different places in the GTA have different pricing systems influenced by the economy of the location. Also, how far your home is from the purchase center will come into play. Distance can also influence labour costs.

Where you are placing the water heater is also important. If you are putting it in a place that is not easily accessible, it may cost more to install it.

Cost of permit

Cost Of Permit

Local authorities have control over water heater installation jobs. As such, you need to factor in the charges that come with the replacement or installation of water heater systems in Vaughan.

Firstly, you’ll need to give prior notice of a replacement going on in your home, with an official coming in to make inspections. Plumbing and gas-related projects are critical and local officials take them seriously. These changes require a permit that can cost hundreds of dollars.

Number of water heater installation jobs to do

If you live alone, one tankless water heater will be enough for you. The case is different for large families with several bathroom units. The cost per bathroom will add up to determine the total cost of installation.

Hence, you need to know the number of water heaters you are installing. If you are doing it all at once, you may get a discount from the company handling the project.

How many appliances need hot water?

This is a factor to consider in modern homes. Most homes in Vaughan and the rest of the GTA have several appliances that can use hot water. These include; bathrooms systems, kitchen gadgets, and even washing machines.

If you plan to provide all these systems with hot water, you need a large water heating system. The more the appliances, the larger the tank water heater you need. In turn, the higher the labour cost. All these will add up to how much you have to pay for water heater installation.

Peculiar costs

These peculiar costs refer to those you incur, which another home may not. For instance, in some homes, there will be a need to pay extra for plumbing costs.

For homes that already have a functional plumbing system, they won’t need to pay extra for plumbing work. Additional expenses like this one won’t drastically alter the outlook of your budget. They usually range from a few tens of dollars to a hundred.

Frequently Asked Questions on Water Heater Installation

There are lots of questions relating to before, during, and even after water heater installation.

What is the best temperature for my water heater?

There is no single temperature that is best. Some people use 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Many manufacturers use this as a pre-setting. If you use an older model, you should set the heater’s thermostat to medium.

Why do I always run out of hot water?

Several factors can cause this. One of the most common causes is a broken dip tube. It will help if you didn’t lurk around your water heater, trying to find out the cause. It’s best to call on an expert to check the heater. In some cases, you’ll need to plan for a new water heater.

Why does my water take a longer time to heat up?

If you have noticed this for a while now, this is most likely a problem related to the pipelines. Homes with longer pipelines take longer to heat up. You may need to call on a professional to help you optimize the plumbing system.

How can I install the water heater myself?

u003cimg src=u0022 alt=u0022 Water Heater Installationu0022u003eu003cbru003eu003cbru003eThough it is not advisable to take on the installation yourself, it’s not impossible. It’s a long walk to completion, but it’s worth it if you love to do most things around the home yourself.u003cbru003eu003cbru003ePreparation is key. You’ll need tools like a voltage tester, tubing cutter, flexible houses, pipe cope, wrench and screwdriver, sandpaper cloth, dielectric connectors, and soldering flux. Once you have all these around, you can go ahead with the installation.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eFirstly, you need to disconnect the electricity in your home. You can do this at the circuit breaker panel. Follow this up by draining the tank, disconnecting the electrical connection of the water heater. You’ll also need to disconnect the plumbing, then remove the old water heater.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eOnce you are done, you should prepare the plumbing lines again. Then connect the electrical wiring again. You will then attach the supply lines to the heater and turn on the water. Afterwards, install the discharge pipe to the Tu0026amp;P valve. Once the connections are done, you can turn on the power. Finish up by bleeding the hot water lines.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThis is not as easy as it sounds. Furthermore, a small mistake may mean you have to pay for expensive repairs. Hence, stop considering the cost of water heater installation when it’s time to hire a professional. In the long run, it will save you more money.

Final Take

The pricing for expert water heater installation varies from place to place. Irrespective of what the pricing may look like, it is always better to work with a professional. This way, you get their expert opinions, reduce overall cost, and know-how best to go about maintenance.

Here at ALP Heating, we offer this level of ease and convenience. With our water heater installation services in the GTA, you can rest assured of quality. The cost of the water heater installation we quote will reflect the immense value we are bringing to your home via our expert approach.