How Long Does It Take To Install an AC

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How long it takes to install an AC unit is sometimes subject to dilemmas or miscalculations. As a result, your timetable is liable to be thrown off balance because of your inaccurate estimation.

Therefore, before making a house call to install an air conditioner, some companies may want to know specifics to give you an accurate time estimate. On the other hand, some other installers won’t ask. Regardless, you need to know.

Here, we’ll provide you with the likely timeline for AC installation. In addition, we’ll let you know the factors that influence the timeline.

How Long to Install an AC

Usually, the average time required to install a new air conditioner is between four to eight hours. But depending on the complexity of the AC or installation space, this timeframe may fluctuate.

Before installation proper, there’s something known as home-costing. You probably didn’t know this, but every installation begins with an in-home estimate. This estimate is when you’ll get the most accurate assessment of what AC size you’ll need.

Each estimate must include a j-load calculation completed by hand. For example, a load calculation may determine the heat your home naturally takes in during the summer and exudes during the winter. Likewise, you may find your home’s ideal air conditioner size by manually calculating the j load.

Any supplementary tasks, such as installing the system, arranging the line set, adjusting the ducting, and so on, will be noted by your sales representative.

From preparation to final cleanup, the forthcoming section covers the factors that influence the time frame for AC replacement and installation.

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How Long To Install An Ac

What Determines the AC Installation Timeline?

Preparatory communication with the air conditioner installers will help them determine how long it’ll take to install an AC. The following variables usually influence the time required to set up an air conditioner:

1. Placement of the Air Conditioner

When calculating the time for installing an air conditioner, the unit’s placement is crucial, especially for the external component. Usually, it may be challenging to reach some outdoor units since they’re situated in inconvenient locations. As a result, it takes more time and intensive effort for installers to get to such areas.

Therefore, to ensure a smooth installation process, you should give your installers as much information as possible about the site, including the height and access points.

In addition, providing images will significantly assist the installers in understanding the situation. That way, your installers can get ready for the installation with enough people and tools to get it done quickly and efficiently.

2. Separation Between the Air Conditioner’s Indoor and Outdoor Components

Nearly all installers use a back-to-back setup, in which the outdoor unit is positioned directly behind the wall of the inside unit. This installation method is the quickest since it requires the fewest pipes.

Therefore, if an increased amount of copper piping, jointing, brazing, and pipe support work is required by a greater distance between the internal and outdoor units of the air conditioner, the installation time increases proportionally.

The installation timeline for back-to-back AC in a room should take around two hours.

3. Expertise of the Setup Crew

Experienced air con installation technicians are familiar with the best order of operations for installing ACs. Therefore, they can easily shorten how long it’ll take unskilled or less experienced technicians to install AC.

Brazing, flaring, and joining are all tasks at which expert installers excel. However, poorly trained installers, on the other hand, may muddle up the order of things and end up doing the same thing repeatedly. As a result, the installation process usually takes them longer to finish.

For example, expert installers may use a tiny bit of soap to help them push the copper pipe into the closed-cell insulation. The insulation process will go smoothly thanks to the soap’s lubricating properties.

The above trick may be common knowledge among expert installers. But newbie installers may find it fascinating.

4. The Capacity of the AC

Larger air conditioners are more cumbersome to install because of their weight and the extra effort needed to lift, carry, and fasten them to the wall. As a result, some installers send two personnel, one to set up the inside unit and the other to set up the outside unit.

Sometimes, the outside unit is too heavy for a single person to lift to a suitable working height. This instance means the indoor unit installation has to be temporarily halted so the installer can set up the outdoor unit. This situation can increase how long it’ll take to install stuff like the ductwork for AC.

5. A/C Model Specifications

How long it takes to install AC can also be subject to the air conditioner specifications. For example, installing a wall-mounted air conditioner takes little time because of its ease of use.

On the other hand, the installation process for ceiling cassette and ceiling ducted/hidden ACs may take a little longer than that of wall-mounted types.

Usually, the wall-mounted air conditioner in a room only takes around two hours to install.

6. Using the Wall Itself as a Conduit For Pipes And Wires

It takes significantly more time to install an air conditioner when the pipes and wiring must be routed within the wall rather than along the wall’s surface, as is the case in a standard installation.

For the former, there’s a lot of wall hacking between the interior and outdoor units.

But some people prefer an aesthetically pleasing appearance, unlike those who are okay with exposed pipes and cables.

Therefore, if you’re the former, don’t forget to bring it up to the AC installers if you want hidden wires.

This reminder is because most installers aren’t expecting to do any concealing work after wall breakage. Therefore, so they don’t forget to bring supplies for the cover-up, it’s good you inform them ahead. They may need more than three hours to complete the job, and they may not be able to do it all in one day.

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Conduit For Pipes And Wires


Now, you should not only have a clearer knowledge of how long it takes to install an AC. But you should also now know what it generally entails to install an air conditioner.

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