How to Install a Portable AC Unit

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Summertime may be a blissful and exciting period; however, the temperature during this season can be unforgiving. High temperatures can cause uncomfortable living conditions. Hence, you’ll want to install a portable AC unit to combat the hot weather.

The portable AC unit will cool the entire space of your room in minutes and provide a cool haven to relax. In this article, you’ll learn the best way to install a portable air con in your home through a step-by-step process.

What is a Portable AC Unit?

A portable AC unit is a cooling unit that produces cool air by converting the warm air within a room into cool air while venting out the hot air. The portable AC unit chills the room through refrigerants within its system.

Furthermore, when you install a portable AC unit, it’s crucial to create a vent for the hose to expel all the hot air. Therefore, the hot air must leave the room for the portable AC unit to work correctly.

The portable AC unit is usually in the shape of an upright rectangular box. In addition, the mobile unit possesses wheels that allow you to move the unit around. First, however, it’s essential to know that a portable AC unit is different and more complex than an evaporator cooler.

Advantages of Installing a Portable AC Unit

When you install a portable AC unit, you’re benefiting your home with a flexible and comfortable way of cooling. In addition, the portable AC unit is smaller and lighter than the conventional window-installed AC unit. Hence, the compact nature of the mobile AC unit presents it with many advantages.


The portable AC unit comes in a compact and independent form. The unit rolls on four wheels, allowing you to quickly move it around your home. You can change the location of the portable AC unit without stress. But, ultimately, you’ll have to push it from room to room.


Installing a portable air con unit doesn’t require breaking apart the wall of your home. Unlike the window-installed counterpart, a mobile AC unit doesn’t need a massive hole in the wall to function.

However, you can simply pass the hose through a window without compromising the structure of your home. Additionally, if you’re renting your current living space, you’ll be able to install the portable AC unit without damaging the room and upsetting your landlord.

Acceptability and Affordability

Due to the non-invasiveness of installing a portable air con unit, landlords and house supervisors are more tolerant of these mobile cooling devices. Lodging in service apartments for a prolonged period becomes more tenable as well. The presence of the portable AC unit doesn’t interfere with the structure of any living space.

Furthermore, the portable AC unit is the most affordable option for cooling your home. The power consumption is also relatively low, which means you’ll save cost on the energy bill with a portable AC unit.

Depending on the end-user, the residential market for portable air conditioners had a value of $543.4 million in 2019 and is anticipated to grow to $817.8 million by 2027 with a CAGR of 4.2 percent. An increase in technological innovation in portable air conditioners and rising consumer disposable income are anticipated to propel the market’s expansion in the residential sector.

By now, you are familiar with the advantages of installing a portable AC unit. So, let’s move on to installing a portable AC unit by following these step-by-step processes.

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Installing A Portable Ac

Step by Step Breakdown of Installing a Portable AC Unit

Installing a portable air conditioner isn’t overly complicated and doesn’t take a long time. The mobile AC unit becomes ready for use after completing this installation process.

Read the Manual

The first thing to do before you install the portable AC unit is to go through the manual thoroughly. Even though the installation process of all mobile AC units may be similar, slight tweaks will depend on the model.

Hence, you’ll have to read through the manual and look for particular instructions to follow that pertain to that model of the portable AC unit. Reading the manual will save you from any potential damage to the machine due to negligence.

Select an Ideal Location for the Portable AC Unit

The next thing to do is to select the right way to install the portable AC unit without causing a tripping hazard. You’ll want to ensure that the mobile AC unit is close to a window and an electrical outlet.

Furthermore, you must check the airflow section and ensure no obstructions in front of the machine. These obstructions include flower pots, furniture, decorative ornaments, and more. The presence of these objects can restrict airflow.

Check your Window Adapter Kit

When you install a portable AC unit, you’ll most likely find a window adapter kit in the packaging. You’ll have to improvise if the adapter kit doesn’t fit perfectly. Here are some things to look out for in the window adapter kit.

  • Check for any gaps between the vent hose’s window adapter and the windows sides.
  • Measure the window opening to know just how much you need to adjust the window adapter kit
  • If you notice any glaring spaces in the adapter kit, measure the extra space and purchase a piece of Plexiglas to fill up the space.
  • Without Plexiglas, a piece of cardboard or plywood would suffice but may be less attractive.

Connect the Exhaust Hose to the Air Conditioning Unit

In some cases, the single hose may not have the connector attached to it already. In this case, you’ll have to attach an exhaust connector to the AC unit and then attach the hose to the connector.

Next, connect the window adapter to the other end of the exhaust hose to follow the right way to install the portable AC. Then, you pass the exhaust hose to the window and place the window adapter into the open window.

Fasten the Exhaust Hose Window Connection Properly

When using a piece of Plexiglas, slide the piece next to the exhaust hose window connector and hold it down until the window closes. If there are still some tiny openings, use duct tape to seal gaps and ensure that the exhaust hose is firmly secure.

Plug in the Cable

Once you’ve gone through the portable AC installation guide, you can plug in the power cord of the mobile AC unit and begin its operation and usage.

If you follow these instructions correctly, you should experience a trouble-free and comfortable cooling effect. The portable AC unit will fill your room with cool air and eliminate all the hot air through the vent.

However, if you’re still unsure about the air conditioner installation process of the portable AC unit, you can seek professional help. Many experienced air condition sellers and installers in Vaughan can tend to your mobile AC unit installation needs.

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Portable Ac Installation


In this article, we’ve shown you how to install a portable AC unit successfully. You’re also familiar with the advantages of installing a mobile AC unit over the conventional window AC. Hence, we hope you’ll follow through and install a portable AC unit in your home today.

ALP Heating offers same-day air conditioner installation services upon the purchase of your portable AC unit. Therefore, get out there, get yourself a mobile AC unit today, and enjoy the affordable and comfortable benefits of portable air conditioning.