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Choosing the best air conditioner isn’t a straightforward process. The many factors to consider before arriving at a choice can make installing a new air-con a chore.

If you’re looking to buy a new air conditioner for your home or office space, the first step is understanding these factors. You shouldn’t just head out to buy an AC unit without full knowledge of your cooling needs.

This article doesn’t just tell you the best air conditioner in Canada. We’ll also discuss the different reasons a particular AC is best for you.  Here’s your comprehensive guide to choosing the best air conditioning unit in Canada.

How to Rate the Best Air Conditioners

For a first-time buyer, the chances are you’re considering the air conditioner’s price and brand above every other fact. Using price as a significant determinant isn’t always the best way to go.

Quite remarkably, the brand is also not a top consideration when evaluating air conditioners. We understand you may want to stay within a particular budget. However, if you spend more on the right AC model, you’ll save more money in the future.

The essential factors that should inform your choice of the best air conditioner include:

  • ENERGY STAR®: While you don’t need to buy an air conditioner with an ENERGY STAR certification, ACs with this certification have excellent efficiency.
  • (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) SEER rating: You can save money on cooling bills by buying an AC with the proper efficiency rating.
  • Compressor style: An AC’s compressor can be one-stage, two-stage, or variable speed. The compressor determines its cost, performance, noise level, and efficiency.
  • Features: Some air conditioners have basic features while others have state-of-the-art technological features. The components of the air conditioner will play a major role in its cost and ratings.
  • Quality and durability: When buying air conditioners, always go for quality products. There are standards air conditioners should meet to be described as quality products. While most of them meet these standards, not all of them are durable.
  • Warranty: One of the things the best air conditioner should have is a warranty. By buying an AC with a warranty, you save yourself some money on maintenance or repairs within the warranty period.
  • Size: Before buying an air conditioner, you should ensure it’s of the right size for your space. If you buy the wrong sized AC for your space, its performance will be low. It’ll either be unable to cool the space or rack up excessive energy bills.
  • Value and budget: When buying an air conditioner, you’ll likely have a budget in mind. However, price is not a significant consideration for buying ACs. Some ACs are expensive but are not really efficient or durable. On the other hand, some affordable models perform reliably. When buying ACs, ensure you get the best value for your money by buying one worth it.

Other considerations you should make when trying to choose the best air conditioner include:


If you don’t want to install your air conditioner permanently, you can opt for a portable air conditioner. Portable air conditioners are great options for people living in colder Canadian cities.

If you live in such places, you won’t need your air conditioner all the time. You can easily store a portable air conditioner when it’s not in use. You can also move it from room to room.


It would help if you considered where you want to install an AC unit before buying one. You can opt for a window AC unit if your window space is a good area to cool your room effectively.

However, this is not always the case. Through-the-wall ACs are suitable for almost all kinds of rooms and offer greater cooling power to cool your space effectively.


ACs usually create noise while running. The noise from an air-con can be uncomfortable depending on the installation point. If you want an AC for your office, it’s best to choose a low-noise model.


The best way to ensure the top performance of your air conditioner is through quality installation.

Professional AC installation services have professionals that’ll advise and supervise the installation of your air conditioner. They’ll make sure the location, vents, ductwork and electric connections are exemplary.

Choosing the Best Type Air Conditioner in Canada

Canadian residents use various types of air conditioners. These AC types have multiple features that make them ideal for different purposes. Hence, the best air conditioner for your home or office space is one that ticks your unique boxes.

Window AC

Many homeowners use window air conditioners because of their affordability. They also cool single rooms effectively.

Window ACs come in different sizes and cooling options. The drawback of this AC type is that it requires window space.

Portable AC

If you don’t want to install your AC unit permanently, you should opt for a portable model. Portable ACs are flexible, as you can move them from room to room. When not in use, you can easily stow a portable AC.

Through-the-wall AC

You can only install a window air conditioner through a window space. As the name implies, you’ll install a through-the-wall AC into a wall. These AC types are versatile options because you can place them in any room. They also possess great cooling capacities and will cool multiple large spaces effectively.

Split AC

This AC type has two parts: the indoor and outdoor parts. The indoor part blows in cool air through air vents. The outdoor unit produces cool air. It converts hot air from the room into cool air.

Split AC units are more expensive compared to other types of air-cons. Since you have two units that need installation, you’ll pay more for installation work.

Central air conditioners

Central air-cons are large ACs with multiple hot air pullers and cool air dispensers. For many residents in Vaughan and across Canada, a central AC is the best air conditioner for large spaces.

Split units and portable ACs are not effective in large rooms. You’ll find central AC units in large buildings, offices, airports, corporations, and other public places.

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Best Air Conditioner Brands in Canada

There are many air conditioner brands in Canada. It’s difficult to say which brand is the best. However, based on reviews, ratings, and overall product reliability, here are the top brands in the country.


LG is a Korean brand that began operations in 1958. It remains one of the world’s most popular electronic appliances brands. The company has its headquarters in the South Korean capital, Seoul.

One thing LG is known for is the high quality of its products and its excellent customer service. Besides these, LG products always come with a reasonable warranty period. Consumers and product review experts rate the LG brand highly too.


Frigidaire is one of the best air conditioner brands in Canada. It’s an American electric appliance company in North Carolina. Frigidaire is known for its diversified range of products and excellent customer service. The American brand mainly produces window and split air-con units.

Frigidaire has excellent reviews and user ratings. Many people agree that it’s among the best brands in the world of air conditioners. Frigidaire products are also affordable, with a good window air conditioner costing about $700.


It’s a Canadian brand with its headquarters in Montreal. Senville is solely an AC-producing company and manufactures different types of air-cons. Senville’s extensive product range includes Mini-split, portable, and Multi-Zone air conditioners and accessories.

When you choose an air conditioner brand from this company, you can expect the highest level of quality. Senville customers in Canada almost always leave great product reviews. Its pricing is also fair, with a durable Mini-split AC costing about $1000.


DeLonghi is an Italian-based electrical appliance brand. The Italian electronic giants are known for producing only portable air conditioners. Its products are of good quality, durable, and long-lasting.

DeLonghi’s global presence is decent, and it remains one of the best air conditioner brands in Canada. An excellent portable AC from the brand will cost about $600.


Danu began operations in 1947. The manufacturing company’s headquarters are in Ontario, and it’s regarded as one of Canada’s biggest electrical appliances brands. Besides Canada, it’s also present in China, the USA, the UK, and many other countries.

Danby is known for quality and durable air conditioner products. Customers rate the brand highly because its products last long. Danby’s product line majorly includes portable and window units. The average AC unit from this brand will cost about $400.


Whytner produces mostly portable ACs and accessories. Its products are of excellent quality and last long. However, in terms of cost, Whytner is a bit on the high side, with a portable AC costing about $800.


Haier is a Chinese company with headquarters in Qingdao, Shandong. Most of the air conditioners it produces are portable. Its products are available worldwide with limited warranty periods. Haier’s products are excellent and represent a good brand choice if you want to buy an air conditioner.


This multinational Chinese brand was established in 1981. TCL produces portable and window AC units. Its products have decent ratings and are affordable.


Friedrich is a US-based company notable for the various commercial and residential air conditioners. Its products are of good quality and also affordable, averaging $800 per unit.


The company is one of the best air conditioner brands in the world. Its ACs are efficient and reliable while boasting sleek, unique designs. They also offer customers a standard 10-year warranty which covers labour and parts. The extended warranty adds to the 12-year compressor warranty.


It produces affordable ACs that are ideal for hot climates. Its ACs have high SEER ratings. Amana also offers a standard warranty to customers.


Established in 1912, Carrier claims to have invented the first modern air conditioner. Whether that’s true or not, it’s one of the oldest AC manufacturers in the world. They are a reputable brand known for high-efficiency air conditioners with advanced features and standard warranties.


You can’t speak of the best air conditioner brands in Canada without mentioning Lennox. The Texas-based company started operations in 1895 and produces many efficient AC units. Their AC units fit every budget and have an impressive SEER rating of 26.


Previously known for manufacturing high-end water heaters, Rheem started making affordable and efficient air conditioners in 1970.

Its products have a limited warranty on compressors and parts. The warranty for Rheem air conditioners is ten years. You qualify for it by registering your AC units within 90 days of buying them.

Top Air Conditioner Picks for 2021

Many AC models have rave reviews from customers and experts alike. As the leading provider of AC installation services in the Vaughan area, we can pinpoint air-con models that offer great value for money.

Best Overall AC – LG 12,000 BTU Smart Window AC

The LG 12,000 BTU Smart Window AC nicks the pick for the best air conditioner. It has a sleek design and efficiently cools your space.

Since the model has 12,000 BTUs, it can cool rooms up to 550 square feet. The LG 12,000 BTU has an Energy Star certification plus three fan speeds and expansive controls. It also has four-way air deflection.

The LG 12,000 BTU Smart Window AC has a smart remote, which you can pair with devices like Apple’s Smart Home Kit or Amazon’s Alexa. The air conditioner is very quiet. Its noise output is just 52 decibels! Another unique feature is its dehumidifier, which removes 3.3 pints of water from the air every hour.

Best Window AC – Frigidaire’s 8,000 BTU Window-Mounted AC

Frigidaire’s Window-Mounted AC is an excellent pick if you fancy a window air conditioner. It’s affordable and offers efficient room cooling.

It also has a unique feature in the form of eight-way comfort control. With the comfort-control feature, air can blow in multiple directions.

The AC unit is easy to install and has a built-in air ionizer. It also has a dehumidifier, which removes 1.7 pints of water out of the air.

Best Budget AC – LG’s 5000 BTU Window AC

LG’s 5000 BTU Window AC is consistent in its performance levels. It’s affordable, lightweight and has a few unique features. Some features you’ll like include its dual cooling and fan speeds, a window mounting toolkit, and two-way direction. It can cool a room of about 150 square feet and is easy to install.

Best Portable AC – Whynter ARC-14S portable AC

The best 2021 air conditioner in the portable category is the Whynter ARC-14S portable AC. The 14,000 BTU air conditioner has three fan speeds and can effectively cool a room of about 500 square feet. It also has energy-saving and home safety features, making it an excellent pick for homeowners.

Best Central AC

Brands like Lennox, Carrier, Trane, and Rheem offer some of the best central air conditioner models. Carrier is notable for its energy efficiency, while Trane offers extensive warranties. Rheem central ACs possess great features and are affordable, while Lennox brands have incredible energy efficiency.

Tips on How to Install a New Air Conditioner

After buying an air conditioner, you have to install it properly to enjoy maximum benefits. By contracting your AC’s installation to a professional, you ensure the following:

  • 100% correct AC installation
  • The AC unit you buy will be the right size for your home or office.
  • You avoid damaging your appliance while installing it.
  • Your AC unit works efficiently and at optimal energy saving levels.

Besides these, when you contract a professional to install your new appliance, you can be sure you’re not invalidating the warranty. So, except you are a trained AC installer, leave it to a professional to handle.

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Final Thoughts

Above, we discuss the factors you should consider before settling on the best air conditioner for your space. After considering these factors, you can start to explore the best air conditioner brands before buying a model that fits your needs, budget, preferences.

An air conditioner’s price should not be the determining factor in your choice. Instead, you must aim to get maximum value for your money. Hence, before settling on a brand or AC type check it’s features and ensure you’re getting value in return.

If you need an installer for your AC, look no further than our air con installation services. Here at ALP heating, we’re home to professionals with years of installation experience. Let’s use that experience to cool your home. Contact us today!

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