What is the Most Reliable Brand of Air Conditioner?

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While many of us are excited about summer, the heat can be a little unbearable sometimes. The air is hot, leaving your skin sticky and uncomfortable. You may not be able to regulate the hot air outdoors, but you can indoors. With the best air conditioner brand, you can adjust your home’s temperature to your preference.

Getting a reliable air conditioner brand for your home can see you through this summer and many summers. A good air conditioner brand has several years of warranty and lifespan.

Buying an air conditioner soon and want to know the best options? This article can make your decision-making process easy. Here we’ll discuss reliable air conditioner brands, their pros and their unique features.

Best Reliable Air Conditioner Brand

The brand adjudged to be the most reliable air conditioner brand is Trane Central Air Conditioners. Over time, this brand of air conditioner has proven to be durable and efficient. Although it’s pretty pricey, its quality answers perfectly for the cost. With a good lifespan, the Trane central air conditioner is a good investment for your home.

Trane Central Air Conditioners typically have a SEER rating of 14-22. The high rating indicates you’re going to spend less on cooling bills. What makes the Trane brand exceptional is they make use of custom components. For example, the Trane air conditioner features a Climatuff compressor that works efficiently.

Also, this leading air conditioner brand makes use of a coil system called the spin fin coil. The spin fin coil system is unique to this brand and distinguishes it from other brands.

With Trane, you have the option of choice. Currently, Trane has nine different air conditioner models from. These models vary from each other with slight modifications and capacities.

Trane air conditioners have a unique feature called TruComfort. The TruComfort feature allows the air conditioner to run at a low speed after a reduction in humidity. As a result, air conditioners can run for a long time instead of shutting off. This unique feature earns Trane air conditioners the distinction of most reliable air conditioner brand.

Another interesting fact about the Trane Central Air Conditioners is its warranty.  You can enjoy a 12-year warranty on the compressor of Trane air conditioners. Additionally, you’ll enjoy another 10-year warranty on the general parts of the air conditioners. There is no questioning the reliability of the Trane air conditioner brand.

The warranty also shows how durable the Trane air conditioners are. With Trane air conditioners, you can save money on repairs and replacements.

The Trane air conditioning brand, which we consider the best, considers your room size. With respect to this, some of their products are compact models. These models can fit perfectly into smaller homes and still work efficiently.


  • High SEER rating
  • Custom made compressor and coil
  • Compact model
  • 12-years and 10-years warranty on compressor and general part respectively


  • High cost

Trane Central Air Conditioners are recommendable if you desire a quality air conditioner. The brand features top-notch, cutting-edge features that give you the best value for your money. As a result, the Trane air conditioner brand ranks among the best air conditioner brands to purchase in 2021.

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Top 10 Alternative Air Conditioner Brands

There are numerous highly rated air conditioner brands in Canada, with Trane being one of many. Although we consider it the best, there are other reliable air conditioner brands.

If the Trane brand doesn’t cut it for you, there are other alternatives to choose from. Below are the top 10 aircon brands, their features, pros and cons.

Heil air conditioners

The Heil brand is another reliable air conditioner brand in Canada. The Heil air conditioner takes pride in its beautiful designs and excellent features. Surprisingly, it isn’t very pricey, which makes it the best choice for budget-oriented buyers. This brand is similar to the Carrier brand but has a lower price.

The Heil brand has a SEER rating of 14-19. The rating shows it is efficient and costs less to manage. There are three types of models from the Heil brands. The models are:

  • One-stage model
  • Two-stage model
  • Five-stage model.

Each of these models works with different types of room sizes.Also, you can see the exceptionality of the Heil brand in their warranty offer. The brand offers a no-hassle warranty on each of its products.

The no-hassle warranty allows you to get your air conditioner replaced if the compressor or coil develops a fault. To top it all, their warranty lasts for ten years.


  • High SEER rating
  • Great value at a low price
  • No hassle warranty which allows the company to replace your air conditioner
  • Top models feature communicating and Wi-Fi connection technology


  • The installer needs to be certified
  • Warranty may take a long process

The American Standard air conditioner

The American Standard brand is a reliable air conditioner brand. Interestingly, the American standard air conditioner shares similarities with the Trane brand. The reason is the brands are owned and managed by the same company. The company that handles both brands is Ingersoll-Rand.

The American standard brand features the same compressor and coil as the Trane brand. The only difference between both air conditioner brands is the slight modification in their prices.

The American standard brand also features a compact model for tiny houses. Like Trane air conditioners, it has a 12-year warranty on compressors and a 10-year warranty on general parts.


  • High SEER rating
  • Custom made compressor and coil
  • 12-years and 10-years warranties


  • High cost
  • Company-certified installers must install this air conditioner

The Goodman air conditioner brand

Another well-known brand joining the list of top aircon brands in Vaughan is Goodman. The Goodman brand is notable for low priced air conditioners with great value.

In the past, owners of this air conditioner brand had to deal with recurring mechanical failure. Thankfully, after the transition in ownership of the brand, the challenges ceased.

The Goodman brand has a SEER rating of 14-19. The rating indicates an aircon from Goodman is efficient and costs less to manage. Also, it has five different models, which are either one stage or two stages.

Furthermore, the brand features an Ultratech compressor, one of the most used compressors in air conditioners. In addition, some of its models have communicating technology for split systems. The warranty offer is ten years on the compressor and ten years on general parts.


  • Low price for great value
  • High SEER rating
  • Features Ultratech compressor band communicating technology.
  • Ten years warranty for AC replacement


  • Liable to breakdown easily

Carrier air conditioners

Carrier Air Conditioners

The Carrier air conditioner is a good air conditioner brand — one of the most used AC brands in Canada. United Technology Corporation, a leading air conditioner brand, owns and manages the Carrier and Bryant brand. The Carrier brand has an energy efficiency of 13-21 SEER rating.

Air conditioners from the Carrier brand are expensive. Nonetheless, they are products with excellent quality and efficiency. Their brand, no doubt, is a reliable air conditioner brand. However, the Carrier air conditioner demands the expertise of a certified installer to install the product.

The Carrier brand makes use of Copeland compressors in their air conditioners. Also, the brand has models with variable speeds, including single and double-stage ACs.

As such, the price you’ll pay for AC purchase and installation depends on the model of the product. Carrier brand offers no AC replacement warranty but only a 10-year part warranty.


  • High SEER rating
  • Variable speed Air conditioners
  • 10-years part warranty


  • No AC replacement warranty
  • Require certified installers for installation

Daikin air conditioner

The Daikin brand is not just famous in Canada alone but worldwide. It belongs to the league of the world’s best manufacturers of air conditioners. The Daikin air conditioner brand is notable in both European and North American markets. The fact that it’s well-known in the international market shows that it’s a reliable air conditioner brand.

Daikin air conditioners have an energy efficiency of 14-23 SEER. The SEER rating proves the products are efficient and cost less to manage. The brand offers air conditioning in 8 different models. Not only that, the models have variations in speed, stage, and inverter capacity.

The Daikin brand products all feature a Daikin compressor which is inverter-driven. The compressors are also capable of regulating the AC speed. Additionally, the brand offers a 12-year warranty on compressor and air conditioner parts. There is no replacement warranty on the brand’s products.


  • High SEER rating
  • Inverter driven compressors
  • 12-years warranty on parts and compressor


  • No AC replacement warranty
  • Absence of communication technology

Mitsubishi air conditioner brand

The Mitsubishi brand is a famous and reliable air conditioner brand specializing in the production of split and ductless air conditioners. The Mitsubishi brand produces the largest mini-split air con. Mitsubishi products are expensive and cost quite a lot to install.

The components used by the Mitsubishi brand are durable. Most parts are imported, making it difficult to replace when faulty. As a result, it’s advisable to purchase from the store to enjoy the warranty. Mitsubishi offers a 12-year and 10-year warranty on compressors and parts, respectively.


  • Durable compressor and AC parts
  • Mini-split and ductless air conditioners
  • 12-year and 10-years warranty


  • High installation cost
  • It may be difficult to replace part

Rheem air conditioner brand

The Rheem air conditioner brand is another good air conditioner brand you can consider. The Rheem brand offers low price air conditioners with excellent quality. As a result, Reem is one of the best low-budget air conditioner brands. An air conditioner from this brand will have an energy efficiency of 18-22 SEER rating.

The limitation with this brand is their air cons tend to make noise while operating. You may need to consider other brands if you can’t stand the noise.

The Rheem brand produces single-stage and two-stage air conditioner systems. The products feature a scroll compressor type. Also, the system requires user input to regulate its speed and performance. Rheem brand offers a 10-years warranty on the compressor and the general parts.


  • Budget-friendly air conditioner
  • High SEER rating
  • 10-years warranty on compressor and parts


  • Requires users input for regulation
  • Loud operating noise

Maytag air conditioner brand

The Maytag brand is another reliable air conditioner brand you can opt for. Although Maytag does not command mainstream attention, they still produce outstanding products. Nortek Global owns and manages this HVAC manufacturing brand.

Air conditioners from the Maytag brand are durable and affordable. The brand uses universal parts and compressors. As a result, you can replace or repair any part of the system quickly. The brand offers a 12-year warranty in parts and an AC replacement warranty if a product fails.

Maytag air conditioners are energy efficient as they have a SEER rating of 14-20. The products come in various models numbering up to 7. They include a single-stage model, two stages model, and inverter-driven air con.


  • High SEER rating
  • The universal compressor which is easy to replace
  • 12-years warranty and AC replacement warranty


  • The cost of acquiring a Maytag AC is high.

Bryant air conditioner brand

Bryant Air Conditioner Brand

The United Technology Corporation (UTC) is the owner of both Bryant and Carrier air conditioner brands. This brand is almost similar to the Carrier brand, but there are slight differences. Bryant air conditioners are more expensive than Carrier air conditioners. Both air conditioners can withstand the test of time, making them ideal for long term use.

Also, the Bryant air conditioner brand has an energy efficiency of 13-20 SEER rating. Bryant air conditioners make use of the Copeland compressor (just like the Carrier brand). Bryant air conditioners come in different models, which vary in capacity. Air conditioners from this brand can be single-stage or two-stage systems.

The limitation with Bryant’s air conditioners is that company-certified installers must install them. The brand offers only a 10-year warranty on its products. There is no replacement warranty, but you can buy an extended warranty after ten years.


  • High SEER rating
  • Variable speed Air conditioners
  • 10-years part warranty


  • No AC replacement and compressor warranty
  • Require certified installers for the installation

York air conditioner brand

Johnson Control is the owner of the York air conditioner brand. The company specializes in HVAC Products and owns other brands in the industry too. The brand once had issues with coil leakages, but it no longer poses a problem thanks to recent upgrades.

York air conditioner has an efficiency rating of 13-20 SEER. The products are durable and perform effectively well. However, the coil challenges of the past serve as a dent in the product’s credibility. Meanwhile, York offers a lifetime warranty on compressor faults and a 10-years warranty on parts.

The York brand makes air conditioners of different types and models. Their products feature one stage and two-stage air conditioners.


  • Universal components which are easy to replace
  • Easy installation
  • High SEER rating
  • Cost less to maintain


  • The coil is likely to leak.

Factors to consider when choosing an air conditioner

Air conditioner repair by certified technicians can increase the lifespan of your air conditioner. Noticing a fault early and fixing it on time can prevent the issue from escalating.

Constant repair and maintenance can also save you money on replacements. The cost of repairs and installation is one factor to consider when choosing an air conditioner.

Other factors that’ll determine whether a conditioner brand is a reliable fit for your Vaughan home or office include:


The components that make up an air conditioner system are of utmost importance. The performance of the product depends on the parts. Both internal and external components must be of high quality. Therefore, you must carefully consider the air conditioner components before making a purchase.

Installation procedure

Not all air conditioners are easy to install. Some brands and types of air conditioners require a brand-certified installer to install the AC. That is, you can’t make use of local installers. Having to use brand installers may be unfavorable if you need to re-install your air conditioner in another location.



Every electrical appliance, including an air conditioner, must have a warranty. A warranty proves the reliability of such brands or products. Some air conditioner brands offer a lifetime warranty, while some offer limited warranty. In the same vein, some offer compressor warranty and AC replacement warranty.

Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of an air conditioner brand determines how good it is. A brand with a low energy rating will require a high cost to maintain and vice versa. You must check for the SEER rating of available products before choosing your air conditioner.


The price of each air conditioner varies depending on models and brands. However, certain brands have almost the same price. Some air conditioners are budget-friendly, while some cost a lot to acquire. Importantly, you should also consider the cost of installation.

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To Wrap It Up

As the temperature increases, the need for a reliable air conditioner also increases. Although having a fan may seem enough to cool the heat, it doesn’t do the job quite well. A good air conditioner stays with you through many hot summers. Hence, it’s important you buy an air conditioner with many years of warranty.

When choosing a reliable air conditioner brand, be on the lookout for the warranty and the SEER rating. Also, find out if the company only allows certified installers and repair technicians before purchase.

Here at ALP Heating, we can help you choose the best air conditioner brand for your home. We offer top-notch air con installation and repair at the best prices. Contact us today!

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