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Sometimes, finding out the actual cost of gas dryer installation can be a very challenging task. Of course, you may think it’s just about confirming the numbers. But wait until you find out the number of factors that influence these costs. Sometimes, the varying cost of gas dryer installation can make even you lose interest in gas dryers.

However, if you do laundry regularly, you’ll know the essence of gas drying. If you decide not to use a dryer, you have the option of natural air drying. Of course, air-drying your laundry will get your clothes dry, but it is not without its negatives. Your clothes may be invaded by dust, wrinkles and insects — all of which you can avoid by installing a gas dryer in your Toronto home.

There are so many factors that can affect the price estimate for gas dryer installation. And if you want to have the most cost-effective experience, you must consider all of these factors. Firstly, the size, aesthetics, brand, and type of gas dryer will all have considerable influence on the final pricing. Then, your location and space will also affect the cost of gas dryer installation.

Of course, your personal preferences will also influence the cost implications. Finally, you have to cover labour-related expenses. Now, these factors don’t mean that installing a gas dryer is too expensive.

Depending on your preference and some factors, you can install gas dryers at affordable costs. In most cases, it’s even more affordable than installing an electric dryer. In this article, we’ll discuss how much you need to install a new gas dryer. We’ll also explain some factors that affect the cost of installing a gas dryer in your home.

What is the Cost of Gas Dryer Installation in Ontario?

On average, the cost of gas dryer installation in Ontario ranges between $500-$1000. That’s if you have all equipment in place. Before you can install a gas dryer, there should be a power outlet of 120 volts.

You may also need new gas lines for installation, and they cost about $10 to $20 per foot. As a result, the price range will change if you don’t have some of this necessary equipment in place.

If you just moved to a new area, it’s best to contact gas dryer installation services. This will save you a whole lot of stress. Also, if you’re yet to buy your gas dryer, then that’s an additional expense. The pricing for a new gas dryer however depends totally on your preferences, brand and features.

As you can see, many factors will affect the overall cost of gas dryer installation. Some factors may originate from personal choices. While some others are due to the standard cost of products and services. Let’s take an in-depth look at these factors affecting costs below:

Type of gas dryer

Let’s start from the equipment itself — the gas dryer. If you do not have a gas dryer beforehand, you will need to first buy one. The pricing of gas dryers here depends on the size, brand and features of the dryer. Let’s look at each of these factors individually.

Price by the size of the gas dryer

  • Small-sized gas dryers: In a situation where you need to manage space, you need a small dryer. Let’s assume you are just starting life out in an apartment with limited space. You can’t go for the most sophisticated gas dryer for your laundry room. Small gas dryers will fit perfectly into whatever space you have for your gas dryer. And because of their sizes, their price ranges between $240 to $700.
  • Medium-sized gas dryers: Let’s paint a situation where you don’t have so much space but need a bigger gas dryer. Your best bet is to buy an average-sized gas dryer. This size of gas dryer is the most common amongst users.

With this size, there are a lot of features you can use to personalize your cloth drying experience. However, the more you personalize, the more the cost of gas dryer installation. The average price for these dryers ranges between $500 to $1400.

  • Big-sized dryer: As the name implies, these gas dryers are quite big. The design of this type of dryer will suit a user with a large space area for a laundry room. Also, if you have a large family, you may need to buy this type of gas dryer. With this gas dryer, you can dry more clothes at once. Of course, the large size means higher energy, and increased cost to install a gas dryer. The average price range for installing a large gas dryer is between $800 to $2200.

There are many options for you to pick from. So, when you know the dimensions to work with, you can pick the right gas dryer for you. However, these features may affect the total cost you have to pay for gas dryer installation in Vaughan.

Price of gas dryers through ventilation properties.

 Gas Dryer Installation

Your gas dryer may be big, medium, large, or specific in size. But that’s not the only factor that affects the price. Another factor that plays a major role in the pricing for a new gas dryer is its ventilation properties. That is, the outlet through which it emits air into the environment.

Without these vents, your laundry room will have a lot of wet air around. Now, it’s always great to have vents in your gas dryer. But these ventilation properties require more space and will cost more to install the gas dryer.

  • Vented gas dryers: When you purchase a gas dryer with vents, your clothes will get dry very quickly. However, gas dryers that have ventilators always use more heat than others. Averagely, the prices of these vented gas dryers range between $500 and $1,500.
  • Gas dryers with condensers: Some dryers come with condenser units that help the venting process run smoothly. This time, instead of you needing the actual vents, the air will undergo condensation. The process of drying is the same as for other types of gas dryers. However, the process of dispersing air is very different.These condensers may make the drying process slow, but they’re cost-effective. Averagely, the cost to install a gas dryer with this property ranges between $1000 and $2000.
  • Gas dryers with heat pumps: These gas dryers are great if you want peace of mind. You don’t need ventilation, and your laundry room will remain free of wet air fragrance. It saves you money in the long run and doesn’t use too much energy.

The drying process for this type of gas dryer is the same until it comes to ventilation. Instead of venting heated air outside, these devices will trap the air and recycle the air subsequently. The average cost of this gas dryer before installation is between $1250 and $3000. This cost may seem like a lot right now, but over time, you’ll be saving a lot of money.

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Cost of gas dryer installation based on mechanical properties

Another way you can classify the properties of gas dryers are their mechanical properties. What amount of energy does the gas dryer produce? How loud is the noise this dryer makes while working?

You need to find a way to answer these questions. These mechanical properties have a direct effect on the cost of gas dryer installation.

  • Digital gas dryers: In the world we live in today, digital and smart technology runs the world. Every manufacturer is making calculated moves to make their devices and machines digitally smart. The best part is, most manufacturers of gas dryers are also buying into this idea. This development makes the drying experience easier.

Nowadays, some dryers have drying units with inbuilt Bluetooth and Wi-Fi systems. With either one of these functions, you can control and alter your drying settings. For example, with a Bluetooth function, you can start a drying session even while you’re away from the dryer. And in some other cases, you can use voice functions to operate your gas dryer. To buy these tech units, you’ll need between $850 to $1800.

  • Low-energy dryer: A big factor that affects the total cost of gas dryer installation is energy. Unlike electrical dryers that need electricity to work, gas dryers save energy. There’s an electric compartment, and a gas compartment too.

However, there are some gas dryers with reduced energy consumption levels. So, as much as you are already saving money, you can still save some more. If you need an energy-saving gas dryer, you’ll need between $900 and $2000.

  • Silent gas dryers: Truthfully, dryers tend to make some unpleasant sounds during the drying process. And in many cases, these sounds may sometimes be too loud. This is primarily because the machine always vibrates heavily while drying.

Most dryers now have features that reduce the effect of any vibration felt during the procedure. However, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce this effect. Firstly, you can make sure there are clear spaces on the corners and sides of your dryer. Also, you should position your dryer firmly in your laundry room.

If you’re just getting your first gas dryer, you have one more option. You can opt for a dryer that doesn’t make any noise. Averagely, quiet gas dryer units will cost you between $800 to $2000 (without installation costs).

Cost of gas dryer installation based on some components.

The cost of gas dryer installation may be quite expensive if there’s a need to install extra components. For example, in a scenario where you move into a new apartment this week. Most likely, your new laundry room won’t have the ductwork to accommodate a gas dryer.

So during the installation process, you’ll need the services of a professional to help you. And in the case of gas dryer installation, every extra service comes with an extra cost. Let’s examine some of the components that may increase the cost of gas dryer installation;

  • Gas ducts/lines: A gas dryer works with both an electric and gas compartment. You power the machine electrically, but you dry your laundry with gas. The outlets that supply the gas to the dryer are the gas lines. So, you will agree that the gas lines are almost as important as the dryer itself.

Now, in a situation where you do not have these gas lines, you have to install them. And since you’re not an expert, you may have to call one. And of course, you can’t buy gas lines and hire a professional for free!

If you’re looking to buy gas lines, typically it costs between $12 to $24 for every linear foot. So, the total length you will need depends on the size of your laundry room and dryer. In many cases, hiring a professional for gas line installation will cost you between $50 to $600. All of these will affect the total cost of the gas dryer installation.

  • Cabinets for gas dryer: Gas dryers have their way of taking space in the laundry room. If you opt for a smaller gas dryer, it most likely means you’re managing space. And out of that little space, the gas dryer will still occupy some. To curb this spacing effect, you can refurbish the room by adding cabinets around the dryer.

You can put some cabinets below and above your gas dryer. If you prefer stock model cabinets, it may cost you between $500 to $1500. If you’re a fan of luxury, you can opt for semi-custom cabinets.

There are more ways to save space when purchasing a gas dryer. You can decide to build the gas dryer into your laundry room. That way, there’s a predetermined perimeter for your dryer. These cabinets will affect the total cost of gas dryer installation with a range of $200 to $450. It’s always better to build in gas dryers when you own the home.

  • Dryer platforms: In many cases, a common issue with gas dryers is the low height. You have to do some bending down to load that gas dryer with clothes. And then bend again to remove your clothes. You’ll soon get tired of this low height, so it’s better to create a platform to lift the height.

Here, you can make use of dryer pedestals. These pedestals offer so much convenience by increasing the height of your gas dryer. In some cases, these pedestals even have drawers to provide more space. These pedestals can affect the cost of gas dryer installation by a range of $100 to $350.

Gas dryer cost with additional features

 Gas Dryer Installation

The same way you have mobile devices with different features, gas dryers can have extra features. In most cases, these features are there to suit the convenience of the user. And in some other cases, these features are there to help you save money.

In most cases, these features already come with your gas dryer. So, you may not notice any increase in the cost of gas dryer installation. Some of these features include:

  • Anti-wrinkle gas dryers ($550 to $1500)
  • Multi-venting gas dryers ($600 to $2000)
  • Steam gas dryers ($850 to $2200)
  • Gas dryer with front control ($500 to  $1850)
  • Gas dryers with damp notifications  ($650 to $2200)

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The Cost of Gas Dryer Installation is a One-time Thing

Many factors can affect the cost of gas dryer installation. That’s why if you read through the above, you’ll notice diverse cost implications. The primary expenses will come from your choice of gas dryer. That’s because the size, brand, and features all affect the pricing.

Buying and installing a new gas dryer isn’t a job to take on yourself. It’s best if you contact professionals to help you map out a plan that stays within budget. If you’re looking to install your gas dryer lines in and around Ontario, you can check out our gas dryer installation experts. Let ALP Heating help you with your installation needs!

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