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A gas range is a great heating option for your home. Unlike wood burners, gas ranges don’t have environmental implications. But how much does it take to install a gas range?

Freestanding gas ranges resemble wood stoves in appearance. However, the former can be fueled by more readily available and environmentally friendly options like propane or natural gas.

You likely have a preconceived notion of gas range costs. And maybe that’s why you’ve been stalling installation. You’ve done well because it’s better to make informed decisions.

Here, we’ll provide the necessary pointers regarding gas range installation prices. Let’s get into it.

Average Gas Stove Installation Cost

There are three ways to price gas ranges. See a breakdown below:

  • High-end: $3,000
  • Average: $2,800
  • Lowest: $2,000

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Factors Influencing How Much to Install Gas Range

Different factors determine gas range costs. And they’re as follows:

Gas Range Cost by Type

Ventless Gas Ranges

Gasses are burned cleanly and efficiently in ventless gas ranges. And anything they release will only be an insignificant amount of carbon monoxide. Numerous popular models boast 99.9 percent or more speaking of efficiency.

Ventless gas ranges produce smaller flames to keep the exhaust gasses below acceptable levels. And this is unlike their vented counterparts.

Prices for ventless gas range start from $1,000 to $2,200. The average price you’ll find them goes between $1,200 and $1,500.

Vented Gas Ranges

Many choose vented gas ranges over ventless ones because the former generates more heat. Additionally, the larger flames of ventless stoves make them look more like traditional stoves and fireplaces.

Please note, a gas range that vents outside needs a pipe connected from the furnace to the home ceiling.

Gas ranges with vents aren’t as common as ventless ones. And you’ll understand why upon discovering that they cost several hundred dollars more than their ventless counterparts.

The cheapest vented models cost about the same as the priciest ventless ones. Ventilated gas stoves range in price from $2,000 to $4,200. Generally, the majority will fall in the $2,200 to $2,600 range.

Vented Gas Ranges

Average Cost of a Gas Range Depending on Installation Location in Home

How much it takes to install a gas stove also depends heavily on the location you want it in the home. Most plumbers charge per foot. Therefore, the further the unit must be from an existing gas line, the higher the total cost of installation will be.

You may expect to pay a plumber between $250 and $300 to connect your gas range to the existing gas line.

Gas Range Setup Timeline and Prices

The gas line needs correct running to connect the stove to the gas source. And this contributes a significant portion of installation expenses for a gas range.

The price per linear foot to install a gas line ranges from $15 to $25. And a plumber’s hourly rate may be anywhere from $75 to $100.

Installing a gas stove may be as low as $250 to $300. This price range is considering if everything apart from the gas hookups has been completed.

In addition, non-vented appliance installation, including gas hookup, takes 30–90 minutes. Installing a gas range with a vent hood, gas fireplace, or water heater, which uses venting, can take anywhere from two to four hours.

Permits, Inspection, Related Costs and Installation Time?

Here, we’ll identify the likely cost to install a gas range when it comes to obtaining necessary permits, passing inspections, paying related fees, and so on.

Time Permits and Inspections: You don’t need a permit to install a gas range if the gas line has undergone inspection. For safety reasons, you can get it inspected by your gas company for as little as $50 to $150 if they offer such a programme.

Also, ensure DIY installation is permitted in your area by checking the relevant rules and codes before beginning.

Gas Range Safety Measures

Natural gas or propane ranges provide efficient and focused heating that significantly reduces monthly utility costs. You find open flames in these ranges, but the flame is very well-controlled and produces little smoke.

In fact, a gas range is an excellent option because many areas prohibit or restrict the use of wood fires.  But you must exercise caution when installing or using the gas appliance.

These safety measures are as follows:

    • Have a licensed HVAC technician or gas heating expert test your gas stove every year to ensure its operating safely.
    • Ensure there’s a carbon monoxide detector installed.
    • Use brushes or a shop vacuum to clean the vents on the gas stove.
    • Look for soot buildup, discoloured flames, and other visible symptoms of trouble on a gas stove.
    • The flame will be more visible if the glass door is kept clean. Therefore, you should clean the glass fireplace door with its special cleaning fluid instead of regular glass cleaner.
    • In order to prevent burns, you should keep your hands away from the unit’s glass insert, door, top, and vent.
    • You can try to stay within a budget to install a gas range. But don’t try DIY installation if you aren’t well versed in it.

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    Gas Range Safety

    Final Thoughts

    How much to install a gas range can reach $2,000 depending on the type of gas range and installation location.

    You can go DIY if you’re sure of your ability to get the installation correctly. But, it’s advisable to enlist expert plumbing services to install your gas range.

    At ALP Heating, we pull our weight to provide top-quality gas range installation services at competitive rates. We promptly attend to your calls and ensure you’re satisfied. Give us a call today!

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